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  1. Well, I was DMed his homepage update. Kinda sad we don't have an update thread like with Reborn and Rejuv. But hey, he's busy.
  2. It is? Unless Caz says it's still being worked on, or at least get a post about what's going on about him irl, I regard it as discontinued. At any rate, it was good while it lasted. Much better than Full Moon and Clockwork, storywise.
  3. Kinda old, but yeah, the game's unbearable as is, so a debug mode would be appreciated.
  4. Anyways, with the latest version of Rejuvenation out, I'm trying to go back to the earliest point in the game since I've completed the version. However, even with all the recorded save filves in my Saved Games folder, I'm unable to do so. I've followed the guides to using backup save data files and asked assistance from users in my previous thread, but it seems its all for naught. I even asked some of the game developers to help me and apparently I end up getting the same result. Even when I deleted my Rejuvenation save folder (I backed it up to my Google Drive beforehand) and re-download the latest version, it still reads that I'm still in the post-Version game stuff, even though that's not what I want. Basically does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. Anyways, just wanna update you guys that it doesn't work in my case. Not sure why, but it's whateves.
  6. I'll try this and see what happens. Thanks again
  7. I tried doing this, but it doesn't work.
  8. Is there a way where you can copy data from the save slots and have two files of the saved game? I've been trying but I can't get it to work. I renamed it and everything from my Rejuvenation saves folder, but when I open it, I only get the same spot with the same modified date.
  9. Well, let's say sometime this week. But for the sake of things, 4th of July on Thursday.
  10. Oh look, the game will be out by tomorrow like I hoped
  11. Yeaaaaah, should've hold off on the video until the game's release chief. People can still see through your Youtube channel.
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