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  1. People speak highly of Pokemon Phoenix Rising, but it seems at an early stage of development. Can anyone here confirm if it is worth a shot at this time?
  2. Had the same problem, but when I talked to the Nurse Joy of Gaeren Lab the sprite reverted to the Legacy one. Hard to say whether this was meant to happen or not though.
  3. That's hardly a problem since I've already finished two different runs up to v11. Both on Normal difficulty and with Shift battle style, admittedly.
  4. Dang. And here I was hoping to make that a mono type run while I was at it. Then again, mental health is overrated nowadays... How much does the Set style increase the overall difficulty though? Are a Set Normal run and a Shift Intense run comparable, for instance?
  5. Now, Rejuvenation is not your run-of-the-mill Pokemon game, and even on Normal difficulty provides a challenge. Even so, which battle style do you prefer/would recommend and why? And is a Nuzlocke on Intense with a Set battle style a good idea?
  6. The title of V12 makes me worried that someone might "pull a Vivian" on us. Maybe a certain white-haired bookworm.
  7. And you are not wrong; but then, why have a vendor in Axis when Rare Candies are basically pointless? If an early vendor is too much (debatable, what with the price and all), at the very least there should be more in the overworld before it becomes meaningless to have Rare Candies at all.
  8. Fair enough, but barring debug (and if you use that to level up, why even bother) such concerns are easily quelled by making them more expensive. I mean, in Reborn Rare Candies are sold in the early game for 10000 or so and nobody has a problem with that. And even then, you can't overdose your mons unless you want them to ignore you (I assume everyone uses Reverse/Common Candies as soon as they obtain what they wanted). Again, for comparison in Reborn you could easily obtain six LV100 mons by trading and play with such a team, but who actually does that?
  9. Getting to the cap is not the problem; going over it is, for lack of early Rare Candies. They are in the game specifically to allow early access to moves and evolutions, but one should be able to buy them from vendors since there are not enough around as it is when you need them. The vendor on Route 3 used to sell them before V11, and imho that was the right place to do so (you wouldn't abuse 'em anyway, for lack of money).
  10. In Rejuvenation Rare Candies are used mostly to bypass the hard exp cap and attain evolutions or moves early; you then use Reverse Candies to avoid being constantly disobeyed by your mons. That said, I feel it's useless to have a Rare Candies vendor in Axis University, when the level cap is around 80 and you effectively don't need them anymore. In my latest run (v11) I had to abuse the Day Care to have my puny Helioptile learn Thunderbolt before evolving it (this was before going to Blacksteeple). Tl;dr: I believe Rare Candies should be purchasable early game (for a price of course), because as of now there are too few when you really need them.
  11. Keep in mind that the Interceptor exists outside of Fate and has a major role in about everything that happens in Aevium. Their influence changed history multiple times and, judging by Surfer Guy's words, nothing is set in stone anymore. So having the knowledge of multiple timelines, while useful, shouldn't be enough with the MC around. Maybe that's why Crescent is so insistent in wanting them out of the way.
  12. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PoisonousFriend I'd say this fits Crescent nicely. Given how the Prophecy of Light is worded, however, I somewhat doubt her to be the "mother" of the MC. Unless, of course, the Interceptor is not in fact one of the "four Lights not born of Man".
  13. ...Madame X uses Yveltal and (allegedly) a Bisharp, so... But in all siriousness, we did not exactly witness Deagan die in WLL (we only saw the blood on the ice). But given that we can travel in time, Daegan being alive in the present is not necessarily relevant. We did get the Normal-type badge without Melia's assistance, didn't we?
  14. Or, every remaining Leader will participate in the tournament and will give us their badge upon being defeated, just like Adam did. Now wouldn't that be hilarious.
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