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  1. Alright I'm doing the Hospital bit of the Mosely quest, if I lose to the police, how do I get back to it, and if I can't then how do I beat the double battle?
  2. Ok so I'm doing the first part of the ANA quest and I'm a bit stuck, when I talk to the nurse she just says Officer Jenny is sleeping and to come back later and nothing happens. Send help? EDIT: I have a case of the big dumb, I've just read the post like 2 above this and uh yeah that has the answer don't mind me
  3. I'm kinda stuck, just finished chapter 12 (last thing I did was fight Rift Aelita and open the box for Melia and the scenes that go with that). I think I need to go to the scholar district but the policemen are still blocking access. What do?
  4. I've found a weird issue involving Alolan Sandslash's two abilities. I wanted to get one with slush rush so I caught one when I got to Valor Mountain, but there appears to be something strange going on. It looks like it might have both, or possibly neither, of it's abilities at the same time. These pics are me flipping between screens on the summary screen, as you can see the ability name and description keeps changing for some reason. capture002.bmp capture003.bmp capture001.bmp capture000.bmp Edit: if anyone can tell me how to upload pics so they display rather than this please let me know
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