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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like you just started the game and have yet to beat the first Gym Leader. At the start of the game you only get access to East Gearen City, so you wouldn´t be able to do the Help Center quests from West Gearen City.
  2. This is how you access your save files. People can not help you with the file you posted.
  3. Get a pokemon with Compound Eyes in your first party slot and a pokemon with frisk in your second party slot. Faint the one in the first slot and you are ready to hunt held items. Compound eyes increases the chance of finding a wild pokemons held item and Frisk will tell you if the pokemon is holding an item so you don´t have to catch it every time.
  4. You can get a Razor Fang from wild Bruxish. You can surf to Evergreen forest from Akuwa Town just look at your map and you should know where to go.
  5. Go to the Grand Dream Station go right, cross the bridge and you are at the mentioned park.
  6. You can find it in the Rock Smash rocks in the northern area of the Safari Zone it is a 6% encounter.
  7. Torkoal with drought is good, any Lycanroc form works well and moves like feint and wide guard can come in handy especially early in the fight. Try to kill Ariados on the first turn or block its attack and kill it turn two and you have an easier fight. Change the field with sunny day or drought.
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