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  1. There is a sandbox mode that can help you out with these things. I believe you can find a link to it in the mod section
  2. No problem. I really struggled with finding it out myself and found this guide in a comment section on a youtube video lol
  3. If you didn't find all policemen alive you need to get the silver card. Here's a guide from someone else on how to get it "I found it you have to fly to Fiore Mansion and surf over to the left. Then you have to walk up the stairs and go into Citrine Mountain and surf and waterfall down. Next, you use strength and go back up and you can slide over the ice. After that, you can get skuntank and the silver card. Finally, you go back to his gym and use the card and you get field effect readout 11 and a toxic orb."
  4. Momo314


    You can get it when invading the blackstream factory through a puzzle. I actually have no idea how to get it this way, but you'll probably find a guide on youtube. If you don't get the ditto here you can buy it in 7th street, which you can unlock after your 8th badge
  5. Momo314

    LF wingull

    Do you just want any or would you like perfect IVs and a certain nature?
  6. No problem, you're welcome
  7. My game is glitching, give me a minute
  8. Ok, I just sent a trade request
  9. I'm ready, are you on right now?
  10. I can trade you one.
  11. You can find a spreadsheet with all the locations in this thread I finished the pokedex just a few days ago and this spreadsheet helped me a lot. There also are guides on youtube for all the event pokemons. Additionally, to the spreadsheet, you can look up the locations on the wikia to find out where excactly you can get the pokemon and also the chance of encountering it.
  12. I'm pretty sure you can buy it in the department store. I'll go and check Edit: You can buy it on Floor 11 in the department store for 2500
  13. You can buy them in the flower shop in the lapis ward
  14. Thank you very much!
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