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  1. You get the backsprite of the normal Pokemon, but you retain the stats, typing, and ability of the Rift form. You can test this by fighting Dimensional Rift Gardevoir and seeing Secret Sword do neutral damage to your transformed one.
  2. If you plan to use Vaporeon, then it would be pretty useful. You can use it to transform into Dimensional Rift Pokemon with a base 130 HP stat.
  3. I think Jan may have forgot about it himself as you can just trigger it whenever. Contrary to the optional battle with Ren in the Gearen City library where there is a cutoff from being able to do it.
  4. Thank you, I'll make sure to also credit you for this as I entirely missed this scene myself.
  5. Thanks for letting me know about this. Could you tell me the exact location for this scene? I just want to double check it.
  6. Really happy to hear this. Thanks for making a statement on this. The bird is so perfect for him.
  7. While @ZappoNinja was kind enough to answer all the questions that came up, I think I'll elaborate or add what I think as well. As was stated by Zappo, this is likely due to Venam learning later on about the events that took place. There is already a similar case with this when one saves Amber and Venam isn't required to be around and will gain a point regardless at that specific point and not when you'd tell her on the Valor Cliffside. A lot of important choices usually reward you in another way. As Zappo stated, the Magma Stone rewards you with Karma if you chose to not give it up, Flora's identity rewards you with branching, and Melia's choice is a choice Melia makes, can get you a bad ending, and the best answer of not doing anything prevents anyone from having to die. Other correct answers usually reward you with Karma rather than giving focus to relationship points. This question did actually remind me of one instance I forgot to include in my guide and I'll be adding it in after posting this. This is because picking friends shows Aelita how much you value her, whereas picking family just has you valuing something similar to her.
  8. It's not too hard to fix with RPG Maker. You just have to fix an ">" to an ">=" and it should work properly. Alternatively, I could buy it directly for you, as I have already fixed it for myself, and you can just do the rest of it afterwards. Do note that you will have had to have done all the events within the Badlands as well.
  9. Plusle and Minun both have a 1% chance of being spawned, regardless of time.
  10. Right before you exit out of Valor Mountain 5F to the Valor Summit, head west until you see three rocks. Speak to the red rock in the middle to apply the lava layout of the mountain. Afterwards exit out to the Valor Mountain Cliffside. Enter the mountain from the other entrance you have available and you will notice lava north of you. Lava Drift through that and descend down the ladder you find on the other side. Drop down the hole and you'll find yourself where you want to be.
  11. Then Corviknight would be a perfect Pokemon for Ren.
  12. In order to avoid any issues that I can't help assist with I have replaced the debug mod link with my own Scripts.rxdata. Full details will be added to the post detailing on how to gain access to Debug.
  13. When I tried to load up your save the game crashed instantly. This could mean that your save is either corrupted or not compatible for some reason. I don't think I will be able to help you with this, unfortunately.
  14. How to view relationship points: Debug is required for you to view your current point totals for each character. You can get it through RPG Maker, using my modified Scripts.rxdata, or by using Gemini to edit your Scripts.rxdata file yourself. RPG Maker: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/products/programs/rpg-maker-xp Modified Scripts.rxdata: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jt46rhSMBwwPn1fCtAnHHk-y6B7XEQhU ~ The only change that I have done to Scripts.rxdata is using Gemini myself to enable access to Debug. ~ It is updated to the latest version of the game. (Version 11.3) ~ If you are using any mods that have made changes to Scripts.rxdata, then this will probably not be compatible for you and could potentially break your game. Gemini: https://sourceforge.net/projects/geminieditor/ Open Scripts.rxdata with Gemini. Go to Pokemonload. Find "class PokemonLoad". Insert the line "$DEBUG = TRUE" above "@scene=scene". Save your edits. It should look something like this: class PokemonLoad def initialize (scene) $DEBUG = TRUE @scene=scene end Upon loading your save file open your menu and scroll down to the debug option available. Debug > Variables > Scroll down to 376 or 476 to see the two relationship categories
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