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  1. It is just an optional battle that doesn't give you anything aside from acknowledgement that you did it.
  2. The first part isn't too bad of an idea considering Lilligant lacks coverage as a Pokemon, however; I don't really think the second part helps her too much. The defense boosts are too small to really make any difference and the speed boost ends up being superfluous as Lilligant already has Quiver Dance to boost its speed and Chlorophyll to double its speed if used on a team that makes use of sun in some manner. I'd say either increase the secondary effects more or replace them altogether with some leftovers recovery like Meganium's crest has as at least it can heal itself while sweeping that way. Honestly, the best way they could help Lilligant would be to have a Shadow Lilligant able to be caught with said Shadow Lilligant having Fiery Dance and maybe Seed Flare to fix its movepool problem. Quiver Dance, Fiery Dance, Seed Flare, Sleep Powder would be a pretty powerful moveset for Lilligant to work with.
  3. List of currently available Shadow Pokemon: List of currently no longer available Shadow Pokemon: Why are Shadow Pokemon currently no longer a large thing within Rejuvenation's story? (Quoting my own thoughts from last time I discussed this.) What use does Shadow Pokemon provide? Current feelings?
  4. I decided to include all Relationship Point checks for people to be able to see the current impact they have in the game. I'm not entirely sure how desired this was, but I didn't want people to only assume that the only check was the one with Melia with regard to gaining or losing points with Erin. Yeah, I'd probably link each thread to each other just so people could find the other one easier as I don't expect either to be pinned.
  5. I could probably write a guide for Karma down the line if enough people would want something like that. Would essentially be like this one.
  6. Winning or losing against Aelita and Melia has no baring on Karma. You neither will gain points, nor will lose points. The only difference is the resulting cutscene after the battle.
  7. They no longer exist in the current build of the game, but the legacy designs used to have an alternate variant before they were replaced with the current designs.
  8. Yeah, no problem. I'm happy as long as you or anyone else are getting use out of it. Karma is a hidden value that determines if you as the player are making good or bad choices throughout the game. Performing help requests, winning tough or "unwinnable" battles, and your dialogue choices all can impact Karma.
  9. The player character that I use is Aevia and this is only really with regard to her. I vastly prefer her legacy design to her current/new design so I replaced or changed every instance of her in the files to have only her base legacy design and her alternate legacy design. For instances such as the headache or dive sprites, I simply replaced them with something so she'd not change into an entirely different design in those two instances.
  10. I have officially updated the guide to cover every event that provides relationship points up to the current episode. Furthermore, I have some potential advice on how to utilize the debug menu without it destroying your game builds: ~ This first one I have presented in the second post and it is to utilize Pokemon Essential's Game.exe file to go into Rejuvenation when you want to make use of the debug menu. This has worked for me where it will not present any issues. What I'd suggest is having two game builds in this scenario. ~ You can use a game build, load up your game, do the changes with the debug menu, and then replace the game build with an entirely new one, while also maintaining the changes. Now, to answer some questions... This neither gains you any or loses you any, nor does this battle involve anything related to karma. There are not. If you chose to let her kill Karen, then you'll lose 5 Karma. If you then chose to keep Karrina alive, then she'll give you the mega stone you had not gotten from her previously. There are also two variables related to either Karen or Karrina being dead or not, which will likely play into future events down the line. You also do get some relationship points from defeating Tuff-Puff. Thanks for all your patience and I hope this helps you all while playing.
  11. Myrrh


    Write down a list of all the items you have in all your pockets in your bag. Get access to debug. Clear your bag using debug. Add back all your items using debug. This'll clean up your bag and put everything in the right pocket.
  12. Alright, so I did a few things. I downloaded an alternate build as my build wouldn't replicate the errors I was seeing. ~ I started a new game and soft reset with the normal script, this allowed me to continue as normal. ~ I started a new game and soft reset with the script I have in post 2, this provided me with similar error messages and the inability to load the game again. ~ I then decided to use Gemini and reinsert the line in a fresh Scripts.rxdata, this resulted in the same problem as the one linked in post 2. ~ I then moved where I opened debug within Scripts.rxdata. (From Pokemonload to Pokemonsave.) ~ The change requires one to save before one can gain access to debug, but after saving and soft resetting, the same error persisted. So currently, I am unsure of what exactly the issue is, but I believe it has to do with debug being enabled is causing it. If I were to guess, it is related to debug not closing properly, thus corrupting the build. As to why that is? I haven't been able to ascertain why. V11.3 never had this issue and my build of V12 doesn't have this it either. The only suggestion that I have is to not utilize debug until after you gain your starter. It may be bugging out due to something related to the prologue for whatever reason. I'll continue to look into it and I'll be updating post 2 with this suggestion. I apologize to both of you if this isn't a satisfactory reply and I apologize to everyone else who may be having similar problems.
  13. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UDqZGsfMXTAIX61_dzSGA-DEnKdq24ha Tell me if the same issue occurs when you have this Scripts.rxdata. (It's the one that comes with v12.) If it continues to persist, then it's a v12 Scripts error. If it doesn't continue, then try to see if redownloading Scripts.rxdata in post 2 manages to fix it. If not, then tell me the exact things you did after originally loading so I can see if I can try to recreate it. If you're using some Rejuvenation based mods, then that also could be causing the problem.
  14. As of version 12, the Z-Moves pocket was replaced by the Enhancements pocket. This is a convenient change, but for those who had obtained Mega Stones and Crests in previous versions of the game those items will remain within the Items pocket. To elaborate, one gives one of the items to their Pokemon, then they can take it from their Pokemon. If you check the Enhancements pocket, then you will see that it had moved to it. But if you check the Items pocket, then you'll see that it has also remained there. This means one can give these items infinitely and they'll just keep duplicating. In fact, I even tried to toss them away using debug and they still remain. This essentially ruins the utility of the Enhancements pocket. I have tried selling them and what occurs is that it'll sell the Stones and Crests in the Enhancement pockets, but it'll leave the item in the Items pocket. So one could just use this duplication glitch for a slow way to make money. I utilized Gemini to rewrite the entire functionality of the debug menu's "Empty Bag" to try and create a work around that wouldn't outright empty your bag, but it ended up just deleting from the Enhancements pocket variants only. I sort of have an idea of a workaround that could work, which would be to let it empty the bag and then refill it with the key items and other items I have, but that'll be a pain to do. Probably going to try it anyways.
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