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  1. Yes sir, except I do Mania mode, which is very reminiscent to Stepmania/Etterna
  2. Hey everyone, Gawerty here -- Otherwise known as the soulless one, follower of the dark side, evil guy yadda yadda, you get the idea - I'm 21, been a long time fan of Pokemon, and while I've known of the Reborn project (is it still just called the Reborn Project these days?) I never bothered playing it until recently. Since I actually am playing it now, I picked up an old moniker of mine that I've used in various Pokemon communities and made a forum account, woo, go me! Beyond the basics, I'm a pretty introverted guy minus my close friends, I don't generally have much to say, but I love to help people if I have the knowledge to do so. I'm an IT Tech with a work from home job, and beyond liking Pokemon, I also love Rhythm games and Fanfiction (not that kind though... >.>) I'm down to answer any questions if anyone has them, I don't know really what else to say beyond this. Ta for now
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