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  1. Hello! My Reborn username is Lunala506, but my Ultra Moon profile is Legend. I would really appreciate it if someone would trade with me. I don't have Internet at home, but I do when I go to restaurants or stores. I have 2 Pokemon that I'm willing to trade for Marshadow: Salamence with Salamencite, and a Lucario with Lucarionite. I'm calling out far and wide for help! Please!
  2. Hey, I am just now realizing how dumb some trades are. I put a Level 5 Cosmog in the GTS and I asked for a Level 100 Reshiram just to see what would happen. Someone actually bought into it! A Level 5 Pokemon that only knows Splash for a Level 100 Pokemon that knows Draco Meteor! Funny, huh...


  3. Good morning everybody! Another great day on Reborn!

    download (1).png

  4. I think Meganium can Mega Evolve by holding the Meganiumite. I also think that Emboar and Incineroar would have awesome Mega Evolutions. Typhlosion already has a Mega Evolution, I think...
  5. I just gained the Fierce Deity Mask in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I beat the game using Fierce Deity Link's sword beams! 


  6. Is it just me, or is Popplio the best starter to start with in SU and USUM? It's Disarming Voice move is super effective against the first Totem Pokemon: Totem Raticate. That would make it a lot easier to progress through Melemele Island. Plus, Fairy Type moves are super effective against Fighting Types, so Kahuna Hala would be easier to defeat, too. 

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    2. Candy


      Popplio best starter period xD one of the only two starters I actually used until final evolution 😛

    3. Lunala506


      Yeah, and Primarina's Z Move is super cool once you get the Z Crystal. 

    4. Lunala506
  7. Yeah, sorry. I was in a little bit of a hurry. I'l, edit it.
  8. Only few starters have Mega Evolution. Which Starter Pokemon that don't have them should?
  9. True, but what about many others? Manaphy, Phione, Victini, Heatran, Kyurem, etc. Do they have fan art for them?
  10. Level 100 Braixen Level 85 Gardevoir Level 82 Sylveon Level 83 Kartana Level 87 Silvally Level 100 Reshiram Name: Serena Name: Gardevoir Name: Sylveon Name: Kartana Name: Silvally Name: Reshiramu(Japanese) Type: Fire Type: Psychic- Fairy Type: Fairy Type: Grass- Steel Type: Normal Type: Fire-Dragon Ability: Blaze Ability: Trace Ability: Cute Charm Ability: Beast Boost Ability: RKS System Ability: Turboblaze Held Item: Firium Z Held Item: Gardevoirite Held Item: Fairium Z Held Item: Steelium Z Held Item: Normalium Z Held Item: Dragonium Z
  11. You can enter any Legendary or Mythical Pokemon that you think would look cool fused with Necrozma.
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