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  1. Can't wait 'til this goes public! How long does alpha testing usually go on for?
  2. I started V11 two weeks ago and just finished it, so I can't wait for version 12 to come out!
  3. Wait never mind (this comment used to say something that is now irrelevant, but I don't know how to delete it)
  4. I was able to defeat Tristan by writing down all of his pokemon and the moves and counters they tend to use. I then thought of a counter for every pokemon and thought of a strategy that enabled me to use them at the right time. It didn't work initially, but after refining my strategy after each battle, I was finally able to think of the winning one and won the match. If I found my magneton with sturdy (purchased with credits) to be especially useful, because thunder wave allowed me to deal with high speed stats and it could easily KO staraptor in one hit after that. Try to experiment with different moves and pokemon, and eventually, you'll figure it out. Good luck
  5. Just finished the fourth chapter, and oh boy, this is definitely one of the best fan games I've ever played. The story is amazing, the music is quite nice (Although it's no entirely original), the battles are challenging and enjoyable and the region's level design is pretty good, too. The cliffhanger at the end really wowed me, so I'm super eager to see what's next! I've heard chapter four came over a year ago though, so here's hoping a new status update comes out soon. The last message sent by Caz was sent almost a year ago, so I really hope he can at least give us another update on the status of the game, or somethin'.
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