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  1. You can get the Shared Box mod for the future. Gives you a box shared on any new game you create and let's you pass mons over, it's pretty nifty. Good luck in your mono run!
  2. I'm actually about to start a Dark monotype. Could I adopt that Litten for it? Oh, actually just wanted to suggest perhaps instead of (or in addition to) using pictures of the mons, typing out their names. I only ask as someone with poor eye sight, the tiny pics are hard to see lol. I'm on gmt+1, will be on here all day and available. Username is Si.
  3. Ah fair. I never did watch Dragon Ball Thanks for the suggestion regardless!
  4. Ah right, it's all good. Out of curiosity, what's it a reference to?
  5. Ha! I hadn't even thought of just naming her after a princess, you're right! Belle it is. Slowbro is now Goofy, I like it. I think Timon & Pumbaa might be too long, but I'm thinking I could name it after the Hydra from Hercules. Reuniclus is still a tough one man. It's female, I forgot to mention that, and it just hit me it could be one of the trolls from Frozen! Meowstic became Oliver, from Oliver & Co. Who's Perfect Cell? It's kinda hilarious, my vision is pretty crap and I had no idea Girafarig had 2 heads ha. What character is Talking Heads?
  6. I'm almost done with my Psychic monotype run (my first monotype run ever!) and I'm running out of ideas with names for my mons. I decided to name them solely after Disney characters. For example, to name a few: Genie (Wobbuffet) Duchess (Espeon) Tod (Delphox) Apollo (Solrock) Mulan (Medicham) Morph (Malamar) Pleakley (Jynx) Cuckoo Loco (Xatu) You get the idea. Slowbro, Reuniclus, Gardevoir and Girafarig all need names. Help! (btw if this is the wrong place for the topic I apologize!)
  7. Trick Room strategy is pretty cool. I abused the hell out of Reuniclus Trick Room on my first playthrough. Pair him with mons like Gigalith and Escavalier, or other slow mons and all of a sudden your tanks can start sweeping because of simple type advantage. Just make sure to cover your team doesn't have any glaring type weaknesses that can end up sweeping your team. Always keep in mind to add in mons that cover your weak spots as well as makes sure you cover as many types yourself.
  8. Sorry I haven't responded earlier, I was in the hospital. It has Nasty Plot, yeah. Do you have a Life Orb still? I'm in GMT +1 tz, I'm available either right now, or all day Tuesday. Toss me a PM!
  9. I have: Larvitar, 29/28/30/26/30/31 IVs Bagon, 21/30/31/13/16/31 IVs (not the greatest) Shiny Togepi, 30/31/31/31/29/31 IVs I could breed a Chimchar if you need it still.
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