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  1. Timid is nice, and the Sp.A, Defense, HP and Speed IVS are nice. Pity about the Sp.Defense IV, but that probably wont cost me too many battles.
  2. I wanted a female Snivy so I reset for a while and got this. How good is it? It's overgrow, but I will ability capsule it. It's moves'll be Giga Drain -> Leaf Storm, Leech Seed / Nature Power, Hidden Power, Dragon Pulse.
  3. TotallyNotLuck


    is using rowlet worth it. i want it, but we dont get sd and i want a physical decidueye.
  4. nvm it works when i lower a stat.
  5. so, what I did is delete my original Reborn E18 folder. I redownloaded it, then added in Pyrolusitium Z mod (except the PC box pictures, which I kept the same.) then, i downloaded your modpack, deleted all the ones I didn't want (these are the ones left): then, i added in the switchins by Pyrolusitium and Nulls's Item Radar. What did I do wrong? (this is a different folder)
  6. I downloaded both the SWM modpack and PyrolusitiumZ graphics. I inserted the Pyrolusitium Z graphics, which work. I want the SWM mods that work with that, but its not working. I have a folder: Pokemon Rebon/Data/Mods/loads of SWM mods (not all of them). Its not working. How do I get it working.
  7. I want a mod that overhauls all the menu and stuff. Kinda like Pyro's Minimalistic, but I've already used it before, and dont like the boxes.
  8. well fuck. thats gonna take a hella long time. is it a guaranteed 3 31 IV pokemon? my first one was.
  9. Fastest way to shiny hunt it then?
  10. So, I've gotten access to 7th Street. My team is = Unreplacable Empoleon, Arcanine, Flygon, Ribombee, Pangoro Really want to use Silvally-Electric or something. (btw can i breed it?)
  11. Ive been feeling unmotivated with reborn since beating Serra. I figured changing up my team would help Current Team: Empoleon, Mamoswine, Espeon, Pangoro, Simisage, Arcanine I want to train Noivern, Houndoom perhaps, Silvally, Flygon, Gallade. Are they good pokemon, and who should I replace.
  12. Just a Shiny Eevee, -ATT nature- Good in all but Attack- will trade for Heart Scale? Female.
  13. Just beat Shade. My team is: Empoleon Piloswine (training for after-Aya-use) Arcanine Pangoro Mightyena Simisage Swoobat I don't use this ugly bat anymore. I want some cool pokemon - especially to replace Mightyena and Simisage. What would you recomend (I really want to get a Flygon and Eevee, which I'll get relatively soon (Only 2.5 gyms).
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