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  1. 1i beat shelly right? and my teams: Blaziken, Meowstic, Drifblim so I want some more mons, especially a Dark, Steel or Flying type. Meowstic is replaceable, but i need a 'better' psychic type before KIKI and AYA.
  2. i swear there used to be a random nature change for a single heart scale.
  3. Can anybody help me change my Pokemon's nature. For a heart scale?
  4. Docile nature, 30/22/6/20/16/16, Speed Boost. That's pretty good rite? Not gonna face much trouble against Julia but Florinia might be a pain.
  5. I always feel like I need amazing IVs on my pokemon, but since that's stupid, I need someone to suggest the range of Ivs and nature than can be considered acceptable/decent/good. NOTE: ill try to get speed boost, if i can't, i'll go get the ability capsule.
  6. My current team is: Greninja, Talonflame, Ampharos, Stoutland. What coverage pokemon should I catch. I've just lost to Solaris on Pyrous.
  7. the weather says something like temperatures are rising but im here (10 pm) with clear weather. set it to 10 am but still clear weather.
  8. So if I set it to reroll weather week and wait out 6 hours or so, if it changes, it works. did I get that right?
  9. yeah, that works, but i want to make it so that the weather changes on its own.
  10. So, I was messing around with the date and went forward by a bit (dunno how long). So, I installed the Weather Mod from the SMW Modpack. (or whatever). I did the reroll weak, but nothing changes. Does it mean the weather is stuck for a long time or what? Will I have to play a backup that existed before I did the whole time change?
  11. I get that, but how do it's type matchups work up? It probably does quite a bit to Corey and Shelly, but after that? I'm asking because if I want to train up a better Electric mon, nows a good time as any, what with how easy Corey should be.
  12. I'm in Beryl, but is training up Pachirisu worth it? I like the Pickup, and Pachirisu is pretty strong, but for how long?
  13. ehh, used kantonian muk before, not really a fan. teddiursa bugged out and never appeared for me, so i guess im stuck with k.grimer, which will be boxed as soon as it is not needed. ill get numel, maybe get a munna.
  14. is there a way to get alolan grimer early on? feel like that'd work more.
  15. I've started a new game and chose Piplup. I'mma use Numel probably, but what other pokemon should I catch before Julia. I've already used Budew, Blitzle and Kriketune.
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