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  1. that's why i wanted to use cinccino, but i havent gotten the shiny stone and only have tail slap.
  2. im at shelly's gym and am going to battle her. My Mincinno is being utterly useless and is at lvl31 as compared to my lvl~34 pokes. Do i PC it. If so, do give other suggestion for pokes.
  3. Yeah, I just want a mod that skips TMX mods (maybe by pressing cancel).
  4. This might not be the right place to post this, but I've beaten Florinia and the Grand Hall's trainer has changed, However, his information is not in the wiki. I'm trying to find a different trainer to train up Shinx.
  5. dude thats awesome. thanks.
  6. when'll you be online?
  7. Also Im TotallyNotLuck.
  8. I'll request. You want a Heart Scale, right? I just got a random Morelull with 5 31 IVs. It'll be on that :).
  9. Yeah, I think that's the one.
  10. The shiny ones; is one of them adamant?
  11. I am ok with X on Special Attack.
  12. preferably 5ivs except hp. if it is good offensively then coolio
  13. I am looking for a 5IV Dratini, shininess optional. I will trade a 5IV Teddiursa holding Heart Scale. Do tell me your IDs in your replies.
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