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  1. Yea for sure, drop by my twitch channel around 10pm EST tonight and we can talk it out, you can join my discord etc. I'll just be prepping for this contest (sometime in early may) tonight
  2. It would be after the post game of E18, I mean I know that everyone has teams they're breeding up and creating for E19 so its something of a showcase, but because I'm the only one people are competing against I wouldn't care if you wanted to show off something memetastic and or smaller, there may be a couple things we have to restrict because of game bugs or just plain un-fun-ness but I'm trying to have a fun event, and hopefully people can come and maybe win some shiny pokemon or 6IV's or possibly like gift cards and junk.
  3. Hello! My name is btid_exe and I stream a lot of Pokémon fan games on twitch. Reborn has been far and away my favorite and now that I’ve finished E18 and most of the side-quests I’ve been breeding myself Pokémon and building a large reservoir of alternates for E19, as I’m sure most of you have as well. I want to hold a large stream in a few weeks where people are free to come in and watch me and my near perfect Pokémon battle YOUR teams. Completely free to enter and compete in, just some fun competition, (and possibly prizes I really don’t know yet). I’m working on formulating a set date/time for something like this, but I would love to just get this out there and see how many people would be interested in it or if I shouldn’t bother setting this up. So, comment, PM me on here, or stop by my twitch channel (right now I’m doing a blind rejuvenation playthrough, my times that I’m live are posted there) with any ideas you might have or if you’d be interested in participating.
  4. btid_exettv

    Odd Keystone?

    Besides soft resetting to mine for it is there any other way to get one? I feel like I might have missed it in an early mining excursion and now I'm SOL because I've been soft resetting for about 2 hours and haven't found it
  5. Poocheyna in the slums early on
  6. I did the squirtle and beldum sidequest, but need to go back for spiritomb. It seems as though I can't get tauros back into aya/cain's house, what do i do?
  7. I’ll be on about 9:30EST later tonight (3/21) and streaming! So drop by, my name’s btid_exe and we can do it then! Thanks!
  8. I’ll be on about 9:30EST later tonight (3/21) and streaming! So drop by, my name’s btid_exe and we can do it then! Thanks!
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