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  1. if you clicked then i think i successfully parodied a clickbait title and im proud im bad at introducing myself but im gonna try! ill start off by saying that i dont use proper punctuation bc i feel like ending everything with a period is too serious so when i wanna start a new sentence i just press enter even tho it takes a bit more space, it gives the same effect and its easier to set a lighter tone than a hard stop at the end yknow? i like to keep things light and upbeat and even tho i can handle serious topics, i dont like to dwell on them too long im not sure how interesting this is but ive been a pokemon fan as long as i can remember and i recently got a sceptile plushie! pikachu is my go-to favorite pokemon but theres a special place in my heart for treecko, oshawott, and fennekin my name, torchiiko, is actually a fusion between torchic and treecko! i used to use torchic as my gen 3 starter but i fell in love with the treecko line ever since the megas for oras were introduced im very excited for the treecko pokemon go community day! im a mostly active shiny hunter and im close to a box full in sun! my very first shiny was a random kakuna in black, whose been transferred up to oras so she can mega evolve! my first hunted shiny was also my first failed shiny, finding and losing a smeargle twice due to a "system error" conveniently only after the shiny appeared i did catch him tho! i recently hunted for a male sableye and got 2 females instead which was nice, but not my target and since im lazy, i accepted the girl speaking of shinies, im doing an all shiny run of reborn and i already have 3 permanent members so far! ^^ my main 2 favorite animals are foxes and opossums and im hoping for an opossum pokemon someday,, i like rodents and have kept wild mice as pets before, as gross as it sounds they arent that scary except for their speed which is insane opossums can also be very cute! they dont tend to bite, and wont go out of their way to attack but they might under pressure! and theyre marsupials which means they have pouches! isnt it neat to learn about opossums? im not sure what to expect from this community but im ready to learn!
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