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  1. Uh, well, i suppose Bold is better if i want a rotom wash
  2. Hylia Aria

    LF: Rotom

    I need rotom so i have an easier time vs Titania's Excadrill
  3. Skarmory sounds like a good option vs her ngl, what would i replace tho?
  4. I did exactly that, the problem is that Excadrill comes in afterwards and nukes something, he too powerful
  5. I need help vs Titania, Excadrill and Aegislash are giving me the most troubles and the field effect really backfires against me. Team: Arcanine lvl 80 @ Charcoal Intimidate Relaxed Nature Moves: -Heat Wave -Extreme Speed -Close Combat -Rock Smash Primarina lvl 82 @ Wave Incense Naive Nature Liquid Voice Moves: Surf Hyper Voice Icy Wind Moonblast Alolan-Ninetales lvl 82 @ Light Clay Timid Nature Snow Warning Moves: Ice Beam Dazzling Gleam Aurora Veil Nasty Plot Metagross lvl 82 Gentle Nature Clear Body Moves: Zen Headbutt Brick Break Bullet Punch Meteor Mash Hydreigon lvl 82 @ Dragon Fang Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse Flamethrower Roost Leafeon lvl 80 @ Scope Lens Bite Swords Dance Synthesis Leaf Blade
  6. Thanks you want the Eevee back?
  7. Aeris Pray Imma get online
  8. I know it's possible to get them via Pickup but i haven't gotten any luck so far. Perhaps someone else has one spare they could help me with
  9. Nvm, i did it now it's time to train Zweilous
  10. At this point it comes to wether or not he switches in this mon or does this move, but i know i can win, so frustrating tho, i could've won in my first try but scraft had to miss HJK
  11. I have Close Combat, Extreme Speed and Rock Smash in it
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