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  1. How do I go about posting my save file on here? I wanna make sure I do it right
  2. For some reason, I'm unable to move up or down in the menus. By using the up/down keys on my laptop, it will instead page up/down, allowing me to only get into the Pokedex or exit the game entirely. This doesn't happen when I'm doing other things like selecting a new pokemon during battle and doing puzzles. I'm currently stuck in Obsidia as I can't reach my bag to teach a pokemon the TMX Cut to progress. This also disallows me from reaching the controls panel (let alone navigating it). Is there any way to fix this? Side note: I used this forum prior to this post and found someone in a similar situation. The advice was to restart the computer/laptop, and it worked for that individual, but the problem persists for me.
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