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  1. wow, didn't need to be shiny, thank you so much n.n
  2. Whenever you want, need anything special?
  3. Hey, if anyone has a spare Tyrunt with Dragon Dance and a good nature, i would be pleased
  4. Nah it's okay, don' worry, she will do
  5. kayyy, a Heart Scale then, if you have and Adamant or any good nature for attack it would be great
  6. Okayyy, anything will do for the trade? My username in the serv is ClancyTheBandito
  7. Can anyone trade me a Rockruff? I don't have too much mons, I just defeated Serra
  8. I can get you an Alolan Vulpix, do you need any special nature?
  9. Hi guys, I just defeated Serra and I'd like to prepare a lot of mons for the upcoming gyms/boss battles/etc So If you could recommend me movesets, or anything that could help me, it would be awesome I played Reborn until E17 came out, then lost my save file and i re-started earlier this week, so I know plenty of mons I could use, like Clawitzer, Dragalge, Archeops, Darmanitan, but I don't have familiarity with Alola mons except for Lycanroc or the special forms, so I could use some advice on which are the best of them I'll leave a few screens with my team and the ones I got in the pc Thanks for your help guysss
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