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  1. IVs certainly aren't too important, but you'll fall behind all leaders Charlotte and onwards Speed-wise. Unless it's a mon specifically for Trick Room or you want a particular Hidden Power type there's no reason not to have high IVs. Speed is the most important of the bunch. Breeding could be useful if you have your eye on specific Egg Moves.
  2. That's... actually fake. The dialogue is amazing, but that particular piece is fake.
  3. His only Pokémon left are Mr. Mime, Girafarig, and Espeon, assuming that Wally uses Gallade and Sabrina uses Alakazam.
  4. Cresselia is done! I guess the Regis are next? Incidentally, I didn't realize there would be an overarching story over all the legend quests.
  5. I am playing the game through APK and VPN. Pros: Characters are very expressive. Some voices (such as Mina, Pryce, and Brock) are extremely on point. Battles are fun. Plot is intriguing. Music is amazing. Rates are fair. Cons: Battles can be slow. Grinding is somewhat necessary. Some voices (such as Erika) are extremely off. Load times can be unpredictable. Gem rate can be kind of slow. Overall, very fun. Beat the current main story a few days ago, and now am trying to max out Will, Rosa, and Roxanne because they wreck everything with buffs then Stored Power.
  6. 3 questions: 1. Does the Battle Tower have multiple formats (Single/Double/Multi), and if so, are the sets the same for all of them? 2. Are there special characters in the Tower like the Battle Tree? 3. Are Pokémon banned from the Battle facilities in the main games banned in Reborn?
  7. Slaking could work with Slow Start, maybe?? Archeops could get Gale Wings or something.
  8. not roaming anything but roaming please no
  9. So... The Spirits and Birds have no new maps? I understand the birds, but I at least expected the Spirits to get their own mini cave ala B2W2.
  10. Out of curiosity, how many sets are there per Pokémon in the Battle Tower? The 995 total of the Battle Tree at 4 per Pokémon with a few exceptions has already been smashed, but I assume Pokémon not in the Battle Tree like Butterfree, Dusclops, and Chansey are being included.
  11. I think it should not be cured instantaneously, and it should only be cured after walking enough with it in the front of the party so as not to make it unbalanced. Do you put the disabled Pokémon up first to try to cure it, or do you play it safe but deal with the disability?
  12. I really like the passwords. Secret Password idea: Start with Mega-Z Ring so you can use some of the crystals that are found early, such as Eevium and Pikanium.
  13. Cadmium48


    There is also an event Mudkip and Popplio under the water. Both are gifts, though, not battles, although you have to battle the predators tormenting Popplio.
  14. They are all available, but they are scattered around the map.
  15. I really enjoy this fic! Decibel is the best. How did you decide on what genders to make Ari and Decibel, given that they're the non-binary options?
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