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    There is also an event Mudkip and Popplio under the water. Both are gifts, though, not battles, although you have to battle the predators tormenting Popplio.
  2. They are all available, but they are scattered around the map.
  3. I really enjoy this fic! Decibel is the best. How did you decide on what genders to make Ari and Decibel, given that they're the non-binary options?
  4. Type: Null is in 7th Street after a sidequest that requires turning in Carvanha, Unfezant, and Luxray. Phione is obtainable via fishing with the Super Rod in the fake exit of Mirage Tower. Poipole is given by Bee in Agate if you have every other available Pokémon (so, all non-legends plus Type: Null, Silvally, and Phione) registered in your Pokédex.
  5. So, Cresselia is up first? Still a bit surprised it's not with Darkrai. I wonder what this quest is like. Actually, who even gives out the legend quests?
  6. My tip is: The Single Battle is relatively easy. Put a Steel type out on the Umbreon, which is usually last. Then, it can barely hurt you. Use this time to revive any fainted Pokémon. Then, you will start the third battle with a full team. In the two doubles, always focus fire down one half of them. If you can take out one half, it becomes a 2v1.
  7. You must be the only Pokémon fan who hasn't heard: You cannot transfer Pokémon outside of the Galar Pokédex into Sword and Shield. If they aren't in the Pokédex, they're unobtainable. Also, the AI needs to get back in it's cage.
  8. Counterpoint: Splatoon worked pretty well. Are there any plans for Triple/Rotation/online Multi Battles in Reborn? What about actual Inverse Field aside from Topsy-Turvy?
  9. The two I most disagree with are Zeraora and Giratina, because I think Giratina will be the one in Chrysolia Cave. It behaves very similarly to Turnback Cave in DPPt, and, if you read the book in the room with Eevee, you can find out that the captain found a "door glowing with light" that he couldn't open, so there's clearly something there. And the story about Giratina messing up the region has it land somewhere in the southwest... I agree with most everything else though.
  10. Cadmium48


    This looks like it'll be tough, so good luck!
  11. You should have seen it right before Titania. What happened to Taka in your playthrough?
  12. Here's mine! This is going off my only run, only caught more mons than six at Charlotte.
  13. Out of curiosity, do we know whether the Elite Four will be a scripted order (like Gens I-IV) or will you be able to choose the order (like in Gens V-VII)?
  14. The mountain across Beryl Bridge blocked off with a Rock Smash rock has wild Ice-types to grind on.
  15. I would try removing the mods and restoring to a backup in the factory pre-PULSE Muk.
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