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  1. Instructor nods at Rory’s comment. “We need you to help us find and destroy them. I can confirm that what Rory has said is true - although dangerous, such entities can be defeated. At the moment we are preparing to have a meeting with one Remilia Scarlet regarding an incident we believe may be linked to Trespasser activity.”
  2. “In addition, I’d like you to take a look at our group’s members. In particular, I’d like you to notice that none of us are wearing uniforms, and that none of us are equipped with any kind of standard-issue weaponry. I can assure you, none of us belong to any nation’s military force, let alone one that considers the Imperial German Navy to be an enemy.“
  3. The gynoid (still wearing its own frilly headdress) smiled and waved a hand in greeting, seemingly oblivious to the reactions of Meiling and Sakuya. "I am Kaida Corporation Prototype Training Series Model 00-27C, Serial Number F7DXOQ29604509X, also known as 'Instructor Prototype' or "IP". Manufactured September 18th, 1927. Placed into storage February 8th, 1943. Reactivated March 15th, 1985. A pleasure to meet you, UB-65. Do not be afraid. You are not a prisoner. In fact, I have reason to believe that you have been given a mission similar to ours - to find and eliminate creatures known as 'Trespassers'. If you were not informed of this mission, I can help provide details to the best of my ability."
  4. IP held up a hand in a "stop" motion. "I do not require such an in-depth explanation of the differences between tengu and humans. After all, we will be meeting with Lady Remilia soon, and I doubt keeping her waiting is a good idea. If it is at all possible to be concise, please do so."
  5. "If even speaking to the people we intend to help carries risks such as being mutilated... Then things are considerably more dire than I had previously believed. Though I must ask - what do you mean when you say you are a 'tengu'? What does that mean compared to being a human?"
  6. IP seemed somewhat confused by Masako's... course of action. "You are the leader of this group, then? I would have expected a more... professional approach to negotiations than what you did back there."
  7. "Very well. If either of you require assistance, do not hesitate to ask for help. And one request: May I speak to the two of you later? I have a number of questions I would like to ask." Instructor asked as it accepted the weapons and equipment, examining the items it had been handed as it walked out of the room.
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you're having a fun day 🙂🍰

  9. Upon seeing Meiling's strike, IP quickly stepped through the now open doorway, hands raised in a "Don't shoot" gesture. "Lady Scarlet. I understand that this is a stressful situation for you, but you must understand that we do not intend to harm you. If we did, I would not currently be speaking to you. If you wish for me to disarm as an act of good faith, I will, but know that we are not your enemies."
  10. "Rory, please be civil. Even though I cannot see her, it is obvious Lady Scarlet is under intense emotional distress. Insulting her seems... rather unhelpful." Turning to the door, the gynoid called out to the voice inside the room. "Please forgive her for her... reaction. She is Rory. I am Instructor Prototype, but you may also call me 'IP'. My colleagues and I are here on important business that involves the incident regarding your maid Sakuya's... behavior." Turning to the other members of the party IP then asked, - "I believe you would be better suited for explaining the discoveries that were made?"
  11. Out of all the things she’d seen today - from kitsune to battleship ladies to eldritch abominations destroyed by battleship ladies - this was the thing that threw Lyra for a loop. Flying. Plaid. Dolphin. An aggressive one, at that. Remembering what Histoire had told the team earlier about the monsters of this world dropping additional loot... Lyra decided she was going to fight it. Test out what the rifle did and possibly acquire more gear - a win-win situation, assuming she didn’t die. Lyra equips the Strange Rifle and fires it at the Floating Plaid Dolphin!
  12. “Well, thanks for all your help. At any rate, I’m just here to perform a bit of equipment acquisition, so if you’ll excuse me...“ Lyra decided to grab the whole lot of weapons and equipment. She’d figure out what they were exactly before the next fight, and even if the team didn’t need all the guns and pipes, they might still be good for parts. Then she began heading over to the gate, where Mira said they’d be waiting. Lyra had something to say to her.
  13. Lyra waved to the evac team, asking the nearest member, "You wouldn't happen to know where the thug's weapons were placed, would you? I might need to take some of them to use." After looking over the weapons the thugs were using (and determining whether to take some for herself or her colleagues, assuming she was allowed to), she then turned to the tied up thugs. Assuming any were conscious, she moved over to them and asked, "You know, there is one question I wanna ask... What leads you to work on behalf of a monstrosity like Trick?"
  14. Lyra felt like she was going to throw up at the sight. A horrific beast had just been destroyed, releasing its (thankfully unharmed) victims... ...And that was her one-liner? Not even the simplest of puns, or any kind of boasting at all? She couldn't be in the presence of a missed opportunity anymore, and, thankfully, other matters arose to distract her from the issue of poor post-battle taunts. "If that's the last of Trick, I'm going to go check if the three thugs I took out earlier are still alive, secure them if they are, and acquire their weapons. Should I meet you back at the park entrance, or the roller coaster?" Whatever the party decides, Lyra heads back over to the Huge Tent, picking up the weapons the thugs used and checking on their condition.
  15. IP nods at Rory's concern. "It would be remiss of us to ignore the problems of others, even if they are not directly related to our own mission."
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