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  1. So the area you can rock climb?
  2. jtbenante3891


    Looking for slowpoke, route 4 near the waterfall doesnt let me use my super rod, can’t find him in agate either
  3. jtbenante3891

    Episode 18

    Does anyone know where to find a full episode 18 guide with items and side quest included? I have seen one for episode 17 but nothing for 18.
  4. I guess I can still get it because it's from neo reborn. Thanks.
  5. jtbenante3891

    Sweet Heart

    I believe I gave the sweet heart you get from the girl in the onyx ward to the guy who has all the pikachu's in his house in exchange for honey on accident a while back. I know you can get a Z crystal and do the Spyce sidequest but need a sweet heart to do so. Does anyone know if there is another way to get one?
  6. Ok Thanks, what do you want in the trade?
  7. If I get off work earlier today I’ll let you know, it is snowing out. Is posting on here ok or is there a better way to reach you?
  8. Ok thanks, that is 4 hours from now for me so thats to late for you. We can try to work something out to find a good time.
  9. I’ll be ready later today around 5-6ish is that ok? How does the trading work in this game and what would you like in return for it?
  10. Looking for a Litten to complete the starter egg side quest.
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