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  1. Oh my god, thank you so much! I completely forgot that I was able to do that. The only problem now (other than the blank items, of course) is that I can't get in, like I've stated in the post itself. Do you happen to know anything about this? Thanks again! EDIT: Got this fixed. How? Just had to load an even OLDER save file. AND THAT MEANS THIS PROBLEM IS FIXED! SOMEHOW THE ITEMS' NAMES ALSO CAME BACK. Thank you so much, guys.
  2. It's my Krookodile that never faints, so that makes sense. Thanks! Now I'm trying to figure out what to do about the blank items that's impossible to get rid of, and also how to completely exit the Devon Corp building. Once again, thanks for reminding me about the electric tiles.
  3. OKAY SO I SERIOUSLY NEED HELP HERE BEFORE I GO INSANE. My first problem? I absolutely have NO idea about how these three items with blank names got into my inventory. Is this a glitch? Is this a bug? I've restarted twice to see if the original names of the items would come back, but unfortunately nothing happened. Are these items even real? Why can't I toss them away? What's the exact reason of them being in my inventory? When I try getting rid of them, nothing happens. I don't want to start a new game, so I really want someone to check my save file and try to help me. I've attached two screenshots of the items. The fact that these items exist in my inventory bothers me so much, and I simply want to get rid of them. My second problem? This wouldn't really be considered as a major problem, but. . . Can someone also please help me get out of the Devon Corp building I'm in? I want to get back to the city! All I want is to get back to the city. That's all I want. Please, please, PLEASE help me. I also want someone to answer why I can't go to the magic square room. What's the problem? Am I missing something? I've entered it once, exited the building, and now I can't go to that area of the building again. The door of it just isn't open anymore, and I don't know what to do. I'll send my save file to those that are willing to help me. NOTE: Whenever I stand on one of those tiles that zap you, there's always at least one Pokémon that never faints. Is this normal? Weren't all of them supposed to faint? This isn't really a problem that I'm complaining about, but I'm just curious. Thank you for your time.
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