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  1. Anyone got any tips? 


    I think I've almost perfected my strategy against Doctor Geezer. It's the oddest combo: Destiny Bond Carvahna, super duper Fast so it gets to use DB before Musharna uses Dazzling Gleam, so Musharna is down for the count. Then I switch into Liepard, who uses Shadow Claw until Rotom is down as well. Next up comes Drampa, at which point I use Liepard's Play Rough. She usually faints at this point, so I switch into Meganium, who is holding a Black Belt, so that he can Rock Smash through the remainder of Drampa's HP. Next comes Alolan Raichu; I switch into Rapidash for High Horsepower, which, when boosted by a Ground Gem, OHKOs the Raichu. The problem, then, is the remaining two Pokemon. When I get lucky with the RNG, Charizard can do a bit of damage to Hypno by way of Crunch before it defeats me. Then, I switch into Linoone so I can use Shadow Claw, but, for some reason, Hypno seems to quickly overtake Linoone. Therefore, I switch into my only remaining Pokemon, Rapidash. Rapidash takes way more damage from Hypno than he should by my calculations? But, then again, I've never been that good with damage calc. Anyway, Electivire then finishes off the weakened Rapidash with Thunder Punch. 


    Once again, any tips? 

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    2. Monochrome_Complex


      Yeah arcanine sounds hella useful. Extremespeed is useful too in case you need to finish off something like raichu who might outspeed you otherwise. Just make sure his health is low enough haha. Hmm maybe replace linoone with arcanine, i think he might fair a bit better.


      Hmm...dragon dance on charizard? I feel with 2 or 3 boosts(provided you can pull them off) he might be able to one-shot raichu/musharna/hypno, depending on his nature/IVs, maybe calculate it to see how much it'd deal. Drampa should take some damage from a similarly boosted wing attack, it'll probably two-shot him, thing is drampa can hit kinda hard so I don't know if Grill will be able to last that long.


      sucker punch is a priority move, but I don't think liepard can KO with it alone even on SE hits. It's good for finishing off wounded psychics though I guess, maybe even Evire if he's hurt enough. I used skuntank for that very purpose but mine had a +nature attack.

    3. firey


      Thanks so much! I kept track of the battle below: 


      Jackie vs Musharna, both faint due to Jackie's Destiny Bond

      Linus vs Rotom, Linus uses Shadow Claw, Rotom uses Discharge. Linus down to 41/138, Rotom is in the yellow. 

      Linus vs Rotom, Linus uses Sucker Punch, Rotom faints. 

      Gilly vs Drampa, Gilly uses Close Combat, Drampa uses Calm Mind. Drampa is in the yellow. 

      Gilly vs Drampa, Gilly uses Close Combat, Drampa faints. 

      Grill vs Alolan Raichu, Grill uses Dragon Dance, Alolan Raichu uses Thunderbolt. Grill faints. 

      Linus vs Alolan Raichu, Linus uses Shadow Claw, Alolan Raichu uses Thunderbolt but misses due to Linus' Full Incense. Alolan Raichu is in the yellow. 

      Linus vs Alolan Raichu, Linus uses Sucker Punch, Alolan Raichu faints. 

      Linus vs Hypno, Linus uses Shadow Claw, Hypno uses Dazzling Gleam. Linus faints, Hypno down to approximately 50% HP. 

      Gilly vs Hypno, Gilly uses Retaliate, Hypno uses Psychic. Gilly down to 44/145, Hypno in the red. 

      Gilly vs Hypno, Gilly uses ExtremeSpeed, Hypno uses Psychic. Gilly faints, Hypno remains with a sliver of HP. 

      Rays vs Hypno, Rays uses Strength, Hypno faints. 

      Rays vs Electivire, Rays uses High Horsepower + Ground Gem boost, Electivire uses ThunderPunch. Rays down to 48/132, Electivire in the red. 

      Rays vs Electivire, Rays uses High Horsepower. Electivire faints! FINALLY! 

    4. Monochrome_Complex


      CONGRATSSS!!!! Yeah Sigmund is a bit of a pain, glad you were able to finally beat him, Linus and Gilly put in work haha.

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