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  1. Nevermind it literally just triggered, ty
  2. I've done that, nothing is triggering. Maybe I need to walk around outside? I tried using TMXs such as rock smash and strength on the big metal door, nothing happens.
  3. Does anyone know if there is more to the building where TM Thunder Wave is located? "On the Hunt" talks about an abandoned building out here among the frosted hills and how the crew was accosted by a red-eyed machine. The crew tripped the power cable and shut it in as they left. Are they referring to the Thunder Wave building or a different building?
  4. My username (and also my trainer name) is Tiger Eye for online play (same as this username) , my ID number on my trainer card is 27330
  5. My ID is 27330, can I have two?
  6. I've literally just went through the entire desert area with Taka and four appropriate level pick-up mons, nobody has gotten one. Does anyone have one they can trade me? I have some 4 egg move + good IV Skrelp and other pokemon
  7. So the chance is every time I open his menu, and not once a day?
  8. Is it a random spawn in the vendor list or do you have to keep buying ice creams and the vendor gives it as a bonus?
  9. Thank you, this tool is neat
  10. Is there a pokemom that can learn Dive, Waterfall, and Fly? I checked and I don't think there is one
  11. Can someone list all the ways/locations to get this? And also all the uses for it so I can know the exact number I need. I've been going after it via the two ice cream vendors and pick up. Can someone confirm that levels 41-60 are the pickup levels to get it?
  12. Is it possible for changes to be made to the pokegear jukebox in the new episode? For example, I really like the battle music that plays when you fight the random team/shard color clown in Agate Circus, and that music isn't available on the juksbox. Btw the Ametrine theme is awesome Nvm it actually is in the Jukebox, ty
  13. Is it possible for a Battle Frontier, or even just a Battle Factory equivalent to be somewhere in the post game?
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