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  1. Preferably in Attack, HP and Speed. Can trade back at request.
  2. Hey, my IGN is "Lordemort" What do you need in advance? Any specific items? I'll be ready to go in a few, waiting to download the latest version.
  3. Hi, playing through the game I did not quite realise (as in - I didn't look it up) that I needed the pokemon bought from 7th street to acquire the much needed Z-Mega Ring. When I did realise that it was already too late; having evolved Vanilite, released Roggenrola (got a shiny gigalith not too long after) and evolved Jigglypuff I've only been able to turn up Loudred and Makuhita to their respective owners. If anyone is doing a challenge run or something and doesn't need a Mega Ring I'd be more than happy to give anything in exchange.
  4. Here is my save file, if that's the only way to resolve it. Game.rxdata
  5. I think I'm stuck at the water treatment center. I'm at the Jasper Ward grid at the place where Titania rests for a moment and Taka helps you out. Problem is, I blacked out to the meteor grunts that follow and now where I return the water has risen up with no way to absorb it.
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