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  1. I'll try to make this short and simple. In this game there are those sticks with orbs on them, and one is a PC box, and the other is a healing station. There are, however, two healing stations. One that always is around and can heal, and the other that can only heal once and then forever be useless. Why is this a thing? Why can't they all just last forever? I've played this game for about a year and I only started questioning this once I had my slightly younger brother started playing this game, and once brought to the point where Jan (in-game, I like that touch BTW) explains how the things work regarding these weird-but-helpful things, my brother said "that's dumb" to how one type of healing station only works once. To me, I realized, it seems like it may be a design choice of an older version of the game where it was to help keep harder areas harder. But now it feels like it simply is a dumb way to make me go farther to get my heals instead of getting them at a conveniently closer location. This game is difficult enough for me on the normal difficulty, so why is the inconvenience of being unable to reuse certain healing stations necessary? Am I right at all in my thoughts or am I just a big dumb dumb that is complaining about something completely intended? Actually now that I think about it maybe it's a cockblock mechanic for speedrunners that tryhard play this game or something??? Please somebody help me to understand why there are two different healing stations. I'm actually really curious now.
  2. The Icy Rock isn't working I can't get my precious Glaceon!
  3. This is all well and good but I can't refight her so I guess I'm doomed to have it on my record that I lost. What happens if you beat her?
  4. I fucked up the last comment I made because I tried to Justify it WTF oh well I tried to fix it but just fucked it up again and I don't think anyone cares anymore anyway. pix~
  5. So I finally took another shot at it last night. pix~ I did it on my first try and laughed at the irony because it totally felt like I was fighting a different character. pix~ It helps that Aelita was actually getting shit done, but just everything seemed to go my way. pix~ I brought in Swoobat first to help take out his Tentacruel and Crabominable, and both Swoobat and Blaziken (Aelita's) survived 1 hit so naturally we finished them on the next turn. pix~ Next of course Froslass came out, to which fortunately Aelita's Hawlucha got a Knock Off on it and I used my Greninja to take the rest of its HP with 2 Shadow Sneaks. pix~ After that it's a bit hazy as A LOT happens after you beat Neved and it's taking priority in my brain. pix~ (See end of this comment) Anyway I believe I took out my Chimecho to put Manectric to sleep (yes I still have Yawn on my Chimecho until I can get rid of it for Healing Wish). pix~ Vikavolt also came out so following Yawn and trying to do any more damage with Chimecho, Vikavolt eats through my defensively invested Chimecho with Bug Buzz. pix~ I can't remember what Aelita is doing at this point but I just remember she felt more useful than she's ever been throughout this whole fight. pix~ I send out Claydol after Chimecho to Earth Power Manectric into the ground. pix~ I believe Claydol also gets eaten by Bug Buzz though. pix~ Barbaracle finally comes out and I've gotta pick between Talonflame and Sawk. pix~ I go with Sawk and Retaliate (for the double damage) on Barbaracle and do almost no damage to a Rock type (good job me) and of course I realize the dumb thing I just did and worry I might actually lose. pix~ But no I believe here Aelita's mon that was out takes out Vikavolt and so one Brick Break on Barbaracle and whatever else and we've cleaned up Neved's team quite nicely. pix~ I can't quite tell if it was just luck or that me going on here to ask for help was truly worth it, but thank you all for reading my shit and responding to me. pix~ You may have actually helped me even if it doesn't fully feel like it. pix~ As to what I think about after Neved: Haha Madame X with her Lv. pix~ 100 Yveltal, yeah nice MEME Jan thanks. pix~ Oh boy just like with Shadow Mewtwo I can't wait to watch as all of my pokemon get one shot by a heavily level-based system. pix~ Also hi thanks Nim for showing up now of all times just to prevent us from hitting the ground hard. pix~ No, you are NOT my best friend, but actually continue to be helpful instead of an annoying talking warning sign, and I might consider it. pix~ Also R. pix~I. pix~P. pix~ Mom. pix~ *breaks down* Also Aelita needs her ponytail back. pix~ Also WTF Melia! pixpixpix~!? pixpix? I thought we were supposed to be besties! pixpixpix~!! pixpixpix~!! pixpixpix~!! pixpixpix~! I thought you were dead! pixpixpix~!! pixpixpix~!! pixpixpix~!! pixpixpix~! (Just like my Mom, but now she's dead FOR REALS this time, and maybe a doll and not my real Mom all this time? pixpix?? pixpix?? pixpix?? pixpix?)
  6. WHAT!? NO! *cries* You're not helping dude. *breaks down, but recomposes self after a few* I need to get back at this dude for hurting Aelita, I'll deal with whatever hell comes after that when it comes to it. Can you help a bro out pls?
  7. I listed them in my post above dude.
  8. I said earlier that I'm on the Normal Default Reborn difficulty. Anyone that can have Water coverage on his team has it, so all his Ice types basically. Tentacruel has Scald and Dazzling Gleam. Crabominable has Ice Punch and Crabhammer. Froslass has thunderbolt. Obviously his Ice types have Ice moves. Manectric has thunder I believe or whatever ridiculously powerful electric move, as well as his Hidden Power that is a coverage Hidden Power but I can't exactly tell what type. Vikavolt has thunderbolt and Bug Buzz. Barbaracle has X-Scissor and Razor Shell, and probably a rock move that I don't think I've seen. I would love to tell you all the moves they have but they usually only use 1 or 2 moves each since that's all they really need to clean through Aelita and me.
  9. His team is Tentacruel, Crabominable, Froslass, Manectric, Vikavolt, and Barbaracle just to help as point of reference. So from reading what you've both said so far, I'm stuck because of a couple of reasons. My only Fire type is Talonflame, who gets deleted by his 2 Electric Types (Vikavolt and Manectric) and Froslass with thunderbolt coverage move, and other than that I got Fire Fang on my Mightyena. My only Rock Type is Carbink, who in case you can't tell isn't really an offensive mon and also gets melted by Neved's Water coverage moves and Barbaracle. I don't have any Steel Type Pokemon, and the best I got is I can Rare Candy my Golett to Lv. 43 for a Golurk so it can use Heavy Slam...except I already tried that and my Golurk gets 1 shotted by all the Ice and Water moves on Neved's team. So yeah, makes sense why I'm struggling now. The mons I EV trained and have at my disposal at Lv. 40 are: Greninja, Mightyena, Luxray, Sawk, Talonflame, Swoobat, Chimecho, Shiftry, Claydol, and Carbink. (Golett can be evolved into Golurk but I don't want to have to but will if required but probably not worth it.) I have a Boldore and Onix that might be useful if I could actually evolve them into Gigalith and Steelix, but of course I can't get a Link Heart yet. The big problem here is that I can't leave the castle to catch any mons, I can only catch the few pokemon on the island. (Blacksteeple Pokemon are Tangela, Teddiursa, Ursarang, Swinub, Mightyena, and Abomasnow.) Other than that, I would have to train one of the weak mons I have in my PC that I caught but aren't in those I mentioned above. I got a Geodude, which again I'd need a Link Heart to make into a Golem. I got a Klink, which I can only get to become a Klang, not Klinklang because level cap. I got a Houndour, which holy shit I can actually get to become a Houndoom and not have an obstacle that prevents me from doing that! Other than that I have a Solrock, Slugma, and a Nosepass. I listed the Fire, Rock, and Steel types I have to spare. I still have some other pokemon if you want me to list them. Whatever it takes, I'll do it. I just wanna beat this dude man. Neved has to pay for what he did to my girl, Aelita!
  10. Well shit I guess I do suck LOL
  11. So I'm so pissed at fucking Neved with his overleveled pokemon is kicking my ass right now. (I am at where you fight alongside Aelita vs Neved in Blacksteeple Castle.) I get that Jan (or whoever setup this battle on dev team) balanced it to make him this strong because he's using less mons, but really Aelita is hit or miss with her underleveled mons that almost always get 1 shotted by everything, so really she isn't all that helpful. And I fully EV trained plenty of mons yet all of them seem seriously underpowered compared to his team. I've gotten him down to his Barbaracle (last mon) a few times, but by that time it's just me (Aelita's mons are all dead) and I get whatever mons I have left deleted by that fucking thing. The whole thing feels ridiculously controlled by luck. A stray high roll on damage or crit for Neved can easily fuck me over...and it's time to reset and DAMMIT I HAVE TO FIX IT BACK TO FULL SCREEN EVERY FUCKING TIME BECAUSE THAT RESETS TO SMALL SCREEN WHEN I DO THAT FOR WHATEVER REASON. *sigh of annoyance and exasperation* I didn't want to have to do this, but I've come to the internet for help. So please, I would really appreciate if anyone would be willing to help me figure out a way to get past this practically cheating fuck. Maybe I'm trying to beat him from the wrong angle, or maybe I am using bad mons, or maybe I just suck I don't know. But I've got this far without help so I'd like to believe I have some idea of what I'm doing. I am on the Reborn (Normal) Difficulty BTW, not Easy or Intense.
  12. Yeah he was such a cool character. This pic of his silhouette was literally so fucking good that at the time I was playing it I was like "okay someone over on the Dev team knew Grovyle looks so cool that he has to play this part."
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