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  1. TommySmiles

    Minor Bugs V11

    In Venam's secret area I cannot pick up the egg for what looks to be seviper. I saw on a different thread the solution was somehere in here but I cannot find it. Any help would be great, thanks.
  2. TommySmiles

    Rejuvenation Augment Error

    Nevermind, fixed it, had to transfer save file to USB then delete everything else, inclusive of the client and redownload the newest version.
  3. Alright, to start I know this is a Reborn site, but I found Rejuvenation is linked to it, I just don't see a way to post in Rejuvenation specific forums. Whenever I start the Rejuvenation client on my computer, I get an error message saying "AUgmentError, 'undefined class/module Control Config' pertaining to old saves and loads as well as pbSetUpSystem. I am extremely confused, the game crashes afterwards every time. Any help would be awesome, thanks. If needed extra info is: Section054:2138 Section170:54 Section170:156
  4. TommySmiles

    Help me with Mudkip

    So I've been reading through the On the Hunt forum and looking up videos for where to get mudkip, however all the answers I was able to find were from before it got changed with the squritle event in the Wasteland. If anyone knows where the "new" location is that would be awesome. thanks
  5. TommySmiles

    Sticker Question

    okay awesome thank you so much for the info!!
  6. TommySmiles

    dusk stone trade

    I did not realize there was only one dusk stone available and I do not have access to the floor in the dept store, can anyone trade me a pokemon that's holding a dusk stone? Ill send you over a rare candy
  7. TommySmiles

    Sticker Question

    alright thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  8. TommySmiles

    Sticker Question

    Okay, to start I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place but I could not find a forum or thread for stickers so sorry if this is in the wrong area. However, I paid to fix the railnet before saving the guy to get the sticker, can I no longer get that sticker? The railnet is blocked off by an NPC and a sealed door by Chrysolia. Thanks for any help y'all can give.
  9. TommySmiles


    Thank you so much
  10. TommySmiles


    Alright I'll just sit in request in game and try until it works I guess lol.
  11. TommySmiles


    What happened, we sat there for like 5 min and the trade never went through?
  12. TommySmiles


    Alright thank you, and in the future I will post in there, I'm a bit new to this.
  13. TommySmiles


    I'm not sure where to be posting this, but I accidentally wonder traded my Roggenrola and was wondering if anyone had a spare for the Z-ring quest. In game name for trade would be "Smiley", if anyone can help please do. Thanks.
  14. Accidentally traded Roggenrola, can someone please help? Game name for trades is "Smiley" Thanks