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  1. Ulti

    Preparation for the finale!

    Thnx for the tips. Honestly though, i was under the assumption that we might be fighting Lin on the 'New World ' field. And it boots Draco meteor. I want to utilize the field as much as i can against her. Though you make a good point. I'll definitely think on it.
  2. Apologies. Pictures will not be provided. Everything i try to upload is apparently too big. ......Stop snickering! Anyways, i've recently dealt with Hardy and his rock slide spamming....ahem. Again, sorry. I've beaten hardy and finished episode 18. And now, as a good few of you have done already, I'm forging a team to prepare for the hell that amethyst and the dev teams are sure to have waiting in the finale. Now, seeing as we can only theorize what we're going to be facing. People are saying that the last gym coming up will be a dragon type gym. We only know about 2 of the elite 4 members. And how the champion battle is going to play out is still up in the air. And then the ensuing fight with Lin and arceus. Or.....possibly PULSE arceus. (Shudders ).... So this setup is not final. But so far, i think its pretty good. Oh, and i won't be showing evs or ivs either. Cause I'm too lazy to go into that atm. Lol . Slot #1 Xeno/Meowstic Type: Psychic Lv:90 Gender: Male Ability : Prankster Nature: Bold Held item: Light Clay Shiny: No Fake Out, Light Screen, Reflect, Signal Beam In all honesty, the nickname fits its pre-evolution better with that blank stare. I know that klefki is the better choice when utilizing prankster, but chances are we're going to be doing refights against Sirius, Dr.Conner and the like. And they like to use Earthquake. Even with screens up, that's still a good chunk of hp. So might as well have my support role filled with this little guy instead. Slot#2:Taka/Garchomp Type: Dragon/Ground Lv:92 Gender: Male Ability: Rough Skin Nature: Adamant Held item: Dragonium Z Shiny: No Stomping Tantrum, Stealth Rock, Iron Head, Draco Meteor After what happened along the Reshiram route, you know i had to bring this guy. Like seriously, this route is f***ed. Doesn't help that one of my favorite games is Persona 4, who's main story point is seeking out the truth! I'll go more into my feelings on this in a separate post. Nothing much else to say about him. Stomping Tantrum because earthquake sucks to use in doubles, Stealth Rock for chip damage, iron head for fairies, and the last slot just because. Slot#3: Capt.Falcon/Blaziken Type: Fire/Fighting Lv:90 Gender: Male Ability : Speed Boost Nature: Jolly Held item : Black Belt/ Ghost gem Shiny:No Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Flare Blitz, Bulk up That's right. I went easy mode. Lol. Seriously though, it was a good while since i picked this game up. I wanted an edge on this run. Bulk up+Speed Boost every turn makes for a dangerous physical attacker. I added Shadow Claw for coverage. Unless the foe used a psychic type first before giving me a chance to set up, well, you can probably guess what happens. I choose brick break over sky uppercut. I prefer accuracy over power in most cases. And the effect of shutting down enemy screens ain't too shabby either. Slot#4: Lil Mac/Scrafty Type : Dark/Fighting Lv:90 Gender: Male Ability : Moxie Nature : Adamant Held item: Roseli Berry Shiny: No Knock Off, Ice Punch, Dragon Dance, Drain Punch I just wanted to use a scrafty. Fairy types can be a huge problem to this guy. Not entirely sure the berry will be enough to stop a 4x super effective fairy attack. Slot#5: Oblivion/Agieslash Type : Ghost/Steel Lv:91 Gender: Male Ability : Stance Change Nature: Jolly Held item: Leftovers Shiny: No King's Shield, Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, Shadow sneak or Iron Head If the sword drawn from mirage tower was female, the name would have been Oathkeeper. Just your standard set. But i loved how you go about obtaining this mon. Slot#6: Melia/Gardevoir Type: Psychic/Fairy Lv:90 Gender : Female Ability : Trace Nature: Timid Held item: Gardevoirite Shiny : Yes Psychic, Grass knot, Moonblast, Calm Mind Cause Melia is one of my favorite characters from rejuvenation. Admittedly though, a little akward using a gardevoir considering we almost get killed by one in both games. Also dat shiny form tho. Anyone who's played the entirety of episode 11 of Rejuvenation would probably assume the mega would look almost exactly like the one we fought. Also it's no secret that we're going to be seeing plenty of dragon types in episode 19. Having a counter just makes sense. Thnx for reading. Let me know if there are improvements that i can make.
  3. Ulti

    At light's End [Art]

    Apologies for having the post set up like this. There's some wierd restrictions on file uploads that i need to figure out. Anyways, here's the link to it. https://www.deviantart.com/omni-warrior2/art/At-Light-s-End-789671068?ga_submit_new=10%3A1552632308
  4. Ulti

    The unconnected dots in Pokemon Reborn

    ....I...am speechless. Almost at least. It was bad enough i was trying to contain my excitement for the finale. But reading this over just got me even more hyped. Which isn't really a good thing when you have to wait over a month for an update. Lol. This made a scary amount of sense. Of course this over powered sadist of a woman would have a reason for keeping us alive. Needing us to be at our absolute peak of strength to be used as a key. The word 'sacrifice' suddenly comes to mind. Aside from a couple of things i need to do, I'm staying off the site till next month. Lastly, Please don't hate me for t his.....but is anyone else getting undertale flashbacks with all this talk of resets?
  5. Ulti

    The being of Truth guards the way!!

    Yep. Took my whole line up to do it, but i did it.
  6. Ulti

    The being of Truth guards the way!!

    Thanks again for the help.....but you won't believe what happened. On one of my tries, the thing never used roost! Lol.
  7. Ulti

    The being of Truth guards the way!!

    Thnx for the tip. But is it possible to backtrack to a pc from this point or no?
  8. Ok. I promise the next post i make won't be a request for help. But I'm afraid i kinda royally screwed myself here. Prior to reaching Titania's gym, i was building a team to counter Zekrom. Little did i know, there were branching paths, and thanks to the choices i've made, i have to fight Reshiram instead. I've tried to find a way out, but it looks like none are available unless i slay the beast. Is there something i'm missing here or am i just S.O.L.? (Shit outta luck)
  9. Yup....here we go again... After setting up a few teams on rejuvenation, i decided to take another crack at Reborn. Its been some time since i played. And its just as frustrating as i remember. Though rejuvenation helped prepare me for this. Unfortunately, i've hit a couple of road blocks. Firstly, i've reached up to Charlotte's gym. I seemed to have trigger a bug by saving in the gym. And now I'm stuck behind a trainer. And before you say anything, I'm aware that i can send my save data in to have it fixed. And here's road block #2. My Reborn account is locked to my phone. I keep trying to sign into my computer, but i always either get denials to sign in or blocks from my account. And I'm not about to send my file through my phone. That seems like it would be a tedious process. Pls send help. Or as Cain would probably say..... "Oooh, this is an S.O.S.~
  10. Ulti

    A way to Gaeren in V11?

    Unfortunately, You probably won't be able to head back to Gearen until you've finished the current version of the game. By then, it'll be Neo Gearen and a couple of new quests will open up.
  11. Ulti

    Broken quests 2

    Yeah......got stuck again...Lol. I've nearly finished up everything i can in this current version. But now my problem lies with Sashila Village. Specifically Sand Stream Cave and Zoraliyan labyrinth. They say i need permission....but its not exactly clear on from who i need it or how i go about getting it. Secondly, the last quest for the Sashila help center. I went searching for a girl in the voidal chasm and she keeps getting snatched away by Pokemon. The current culprit is an alolan eggxecutor. Problem being i have no idea where it ran off. I've been fighting multiples of them now for 12 minutes. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Ulti

    is the story finished?

    Pretty sure the story still has a ways to go. You'd be surprised how much filler you could fit in between five badges. Heck, the whole hospital of hope thing is most likely going to be an arc in of itself. And then there's that look alike we're going to need to deal with. Regardless I'm excited.
  13. Ulti

    Broken quests

    I've encountered a couple of problems with the current update of Rejuvenation. Firstly, and most importantly, I'm finding it impossible to complete the quest for Shadow Beldum. One of the card key shards i need is said to be in bladestar's lair. Which, after looking around seems to be now in the cave system that utilizes the darchlight mirror. Unfortunately, all the guides and videos i find pertaining to this seem to have a version of the cave prior to version 10/11. Can someone please tell me where i can locate it? Secondly, the forest reforestation quest is bugged. After accepting it and attempting to follow adrian, there are still guards blocking my way. I've reached the end point of the current update and don't really have much left to do. Help would be appreciated.
  14. So, after looking around the site, I see the latest version of Rejuvenation is V11 Unfortunately, I downloaded V10 What's more, I've progressed up to Blacksteeple castle. Is it possible to update without losing my data. And if so, where do I go to update my game? Thnx so much in advance!
  15. Upon my arrival, i've been told that i should ask for help whenever i need it. Well, i need some now. I've been searching about for these "audino trainers" for a while now. I've searched Shredian village up and down and have just about covered Golden leaf. Have audino trainers been removed completely since V10? Plz tell me so i don't stress over trying to find 'em Thnx in advance