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  1. Um...just because? Lol.
  2. Well, I was going to write down a review of Reborn and Rejuvenation , but someone else already did it and put it into better words then I could. Maybe another time. But for now, instead i'd like to share some ideas/hopes I have for the finale. More so for Reborn seeing as it's nearly done. If you guys are stuck for ideas, feel free to use this post to help. Oh, before I forget, slight spoilers for other fan games included. 1. Reborn Champion battle This one is a bit hard to place. Not really certain wether their going for the standard E4 challenge or go anime style and include a tournament to see who goes on to face the E4 and champion. But there is one aspect I'm hoping for. Maybe have it as post-game. Now you can say what you will about Sun and Moon. But if there's one thing i'll defend with gusto, it’s the title defense. For so many years, we've had to continuously battle the E4 and previous champ even after we already beat him. The champion room should be ours! At the end of Sun and Moon, after beating the newly established E4, there's no one in the champions’ room before we arrive. Because we are the champion this time. We are the ones waiting for a new challenger with our ultimate team. By the way, you know how our opponents have been running rough shot over us with field effects? …….Hehehe…...Payback can be a real bitch folks. As an added bonus, you get to adjust your field to match your play style. This could be a reward for the completionists who actively sought out the field effect read outs. The more options you have. 2.Your own place? Desolation gives you a freaking mansion Rejuvenation gives you a personal room at a resort and a boat. (Damn, I love Tesla) Point is, the Mc basically kicks it wanderer style after getting to Reborn. Look, I know secret bases are a thing, but I'm talking about your own house or something to kick back during breaks in the plot. 3 A new gym challenge? Now this one is more on the side of speculation rather than personal request. I'm sure a good chunk of you know about the debug mode. Or the 'God' mode as some call it. Allows you to add certain items and Pokemon of your choosing. However, while I was messing around with it, I curiously checked out the 'Add badges' section. Now, there's supposed to be only eighteen gyms in the main story, right? But upon looking further, I found the number exceeded that by at least ten. Is this some kind of mistake, or an unintentional sneak peek at the future post game ? To be fair though, I never added any other badges. Not earning them through battle doesn't really sit right with me. 4, Relationship values. This has seriously been bugging me ever since I found out they were an actual thing. I really want to see the result of these values with the cast. So far, save for a few key moments, thet had little to do with the story. Maybe it determines which trainer fights you for your title more than others. Really don't think a romantic route works with a lot of these characters . 5. Legendary quests This might be a lot of work so I don't recommend using this one unless you really want too. In short, make catching the legendary mons a fun time. Don't do what Game freak did and just hand them out like participation awards. I actually want to have a need to stock up on Poke balls. If any of you have any ideas you might want to see, put 'em down below. This is nothing concrete, just having a bit of fun with our imagination.
  3. Great work. I was actually thinking of making a post like this, but looks like you beat me to it. You make plenty of good points. Lin, despite how powerful she supposedly is, her character unfortunately isn't. Ya think this is where all the edginess in the game went? We don't really spend alot of time with her on screen and we only learn about her through word of mouth. I don't know. Something just feels missing with her. The gym leaders are amazing. Not only are they challenging, but they have actual roles outside their respective gyms. Something you don't really see in a majority of fan games. On that note, Saki Blakery and Volta, Voltsa or whatever. What the actual hell? Both had duties as gym leaders, and they both ditch 'em leaving a newbie to handle it. He is challenging, but still. Saki actually may be my least favorite character from rejuvenation imo. Ya know the "Give absolutely no fucks" character type? I feel like Saki and Terra fit into this category. I like Terra. Although it seems like a character like her has no place in a story heavy game like Reborn, the moments of levity she gives are welcome. Though her identity might be even more mysterious than Lin herself. She worked for both sides. (In more ways than one. ) Then just disappears into the void after her gym battle. Then again, the lol, random lewd and crude attitude is kind of jarring.
  4. Is anyone else here slightly concerned that she may have pyrokinetic powers now? I'm getting serious Lord Dominator flashbacks here.
  5. Ulti

    SH3'S B4CK

    Unsure if this is just an April fool's prank or actually legit. Then again, unsure wether or not i care. Lol. Just awesome to see something. If i were 100 percent certain this had some credence of truth, the note about having chemistry with your partner would finally give the relationship values a purpose. The less they like you, the more their inclined to get in your way or something along those lines. Can't wait to see more.
  6. Firstly, i know it's possible that she wasn't my real mom, but it still hurts to see that happen. I have no idea what kind of vendetta Madame X supposedly has with us, but you can bet she's going to pay! Secondly, believe it or not, people have come up with ways to cheese the fight. Though it takes alot of preparation before hand.
  7. Very well. Just worry about taking care of Neved for now.
  8. Fair enough. Though i was going to elaborate on what came after that
  9. No problem. Don't worry about it though. Neved can be dealt with. Now, do you want the spoiler or non spoiler answer?
  10. Yeah, the A.I. Really can work against ya sometimes. But it does help to have her there to get at least a couple hits in. Funny thing is though, he's not even the worst. .....That comes next...
  11. It's fine. I only suggested him because moxie+sucker punch was considered extremely powerful. Not very useful in doubles situations tho. And yes, Revives are extremely essential to surviving a game like this.
  12. Firstly, ouch. That bites about honchcrow. Yeah, the random roulette doesn't really help much with training after the circus. And there should be a clown that sells them there. You might have to do a bit of searching for him though. Galvantula might be a good option to replace honchcrow
  13. Nice. Probably replace Alakazam and Aggron with lycanrock and honchcrow. Stab sucker punch=Bad time for Fern's Decidueye. And make sure to bring plenty of Cotton Candies. Even with the right team set, it never hurts to have these on hand. Yet i'll never know why these are so much more expensive as opposed to regular revives.
  14. Not much to say. You're team seems relatively solid. Ya know, save for three of your slots being weak to Earthquake. Which Solaris is an avid fan of. If possible, Definitely add a mon who can set up Stealth rocks (Possibly Lycanrock) He has a tendency to swap out Staraptor now and again. And to my knowledge, neither he or the aid he partners with has a method of getting rid of 'em. Also what's the setup of that honchcrow?
  15. Ouch. You're serious, right? Guess this is what happens when you pester the devs....
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