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  1. I restored the railnet and he's still not there.
  2. I'm trying to find all of the job applications for the aqua gang, but the construction worker isn't appearing. I've already restored the slums too.
  3. Numbcargo

    Mega-Z Ring?

    i evolved jiggypuff too. Is there any way for me to get another one?
  4. Numbcargo

    Mega-Z Ring?

    I heard that you can't get the mega-z ring if you evolve any of the pokemon you bought from 7th street. Is that true? I hope that I didn't foreit mega evolutions by getting an Alakazam
  5. Numbcargo

    Nidoran F

    Does anyone know where to find nidoran F? I have Nidorina and Nidoqueen but they can't breed
  6. Numbcargo


    I can't find a guide on how to get Squirtle in Byxbysion Wasteland in ep 18, and the ones from earlier episodes aren't working. I've already spoken to the guy during a thunderstorm. Also, how many badges do you need in order to do it?
  7. I realized that I don't have it after getting through 3 gyms not having it, so if you could give me one of yours that would be great
  8. I accidentally traded away my experience share. Does anyone have one that I can use?
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