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  1. I actually ended up fixing the issue after walking away from it for a while. Thanks for your help!!
  2. //drive.google.com/file/d/1L3rZeR1sKsR0gk_IGPv4bgpxB-V2PMbD/view?usp=drivesdk here’s a link. It wouldn’t let me submit a mobile picture. Hope that works
  3. I’ve found my save files and have gone through multiple saves and they all take me back to a the title screen and doesn’t give me to option to continue my save. Just start a new game
  4. Hello all!! I have been playing and enjoying this game for a hot minute. I’m at the point of having 13 badges and I’m in the process of forming a new team. I stopped for a week or two so I wouldn’t burn myself out and I was looking around my saves for some reason. I made a copy of my save file and placed it in the Reborn 18.1 folder. I go to play today and it won’t load my save file. I’ve done some internet hunting and I’ve done the trick of renaming an older save file to Game.rxdata and I’ve even reinstalled The whole Reborn file to see if that would correct the issue and it won’t. It is acting like none of my 270+ saves exists and only gives me the option of restarting the game. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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