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  1. I have a Greninja and a Blaziken on my team as well, and the comment above mine is correct, in a version before 8 or 7, the first battle against Zetta gave him a shadow Froakie as his first Pokemon. I found a download to an older version somewhere on either the forums or some other website and was able to play until that point and catch the Froakie, then save in a specific spot and update back to the current version and continue the game with two OP starters. So, if you found a download to an older version that's safe, you could still get both of them if you're not too far in your journey/willing to restart, or like others have said, through debugging (if that's the other way), but I'm 99% sure most people got one through old save files that they ran on older versions of the game.
  2. I was reading another topic about broken card key shards, and out of curiosity looked into my bag to see if I had any. To my surprise I had one. It's been a while since I played the game as I think I finished V11 like 2 days after it came out, so I don't remember where I got that shard from, but I just got a second one from going to the Valor Mountain summit. I'm currently trying to get into the Darchlight Cave to see if I can find the last one there, as I think I might have gotten the first shard that was preexisting in my bag from the wetlands. Right now I'm kind of lost on how to actually GET IN to Darchlight Cave and where I should go to find some sort of entrance. The most opportune way to get into the room with the card key shard would be very much appreciated. Didn't know if I should have posted this in the "Where do I go" sub topic as I assumed that was meant for people stuck in the game story wise as I'm currently finished V11. tl:dr Im trying to find all the card key shards scattered throughout the game, and I am 99% sure the last one I need is in Darchlight Caves but I don't know how to get in. Some help in finding an entrance to the room with the card key shard/the cave in general would be very helpful
  3. I've been looking around in East Gearen for a while now and still haven't quite found where the power plant is, could you provide some directions?
  4. When I had first caught that elekid in the xen lab I had no clue that the only way to get an electrizer to fully evolve it in to eletivire was through it holding it at a 5% chance. I was willing to live with it through v10 although at some times I wished I had the extra firepower that electivire brought. Im currently about to enter some tough battles in v11 tho and I think if I leave it as an electabuzz im going to get my ass spanked. Its been fodder trash in my party for a while now so im hoping that the elctrizer has been added as an item that can be found so I can evolve it already. If it has been added, if someone could tell me where its located at, it would be greatly appreciated :)
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