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  1. I remember there being another area that we couldn't access yet near the Rose Theater, since two trainers where blocking that area. I just don't remember if we can go to that area yet in the current version of the game or not.
  2. I was wondering if I should make any changes to my current pokemon team, but I don't know which pokemon I should get place in my PC and which pokemon that I should use. My current team is: Infernape Feraligatr Flygon Venusaur Silvally Tyranitar
  3. I have just a simple theory on Oblitus town, which is just mostly on the abandon gym that is there. I think that the abandon gym maybe was the dark type gym for the Aevium region, but since the league couldn't find a replacement gym leader and Grand Dream City was being built, they just left it abandon.
  4. This is during the Erick gym battle and I don't think I am supposed to see this design of Magneton yet until I get towards the Pyramid. So, I think it is just a visual error.
  5. Do you get a relationship point with Ren if you went to the Magnolia Library and beat him in a battle before heading to Goldenwood Forest or is it just an optional battle that doesn't give you any?
  6. I wonder what types of crests that are going to be in the new version.
  7. I think with Narcy's Black Box is that it is going to hold the mega ring, since in the Q&A that the Devs did during the summer said that we are going to be able to get the Mega Ring without doing any tedious side quest to get it.
  8. I think it is related to Bladestar because of the colors
  9. Hello Everyone who stopped by and see this thread. Since the V13 Status Thread is locked due to the reasoning that we go off topic from the main focus of the main thread. I thought that I should make an unofficial discussion thread for version 13. You can talk about the progress of the version, your hype for the game, the story, or theories that you might have for the next version. I only ask for four things so that this discussion can go smoothly. 1. Please be respectful towards other people and their opinions. 2. Don't go off topic from what this thread is about. 3. Be patient for when the version of the game will come out. 4. Have fun. I don't know if I can make this type of thread or not. I just want people to have something to do while waiting for the next version of the game and that I apologize for any rules that I might of broken by making this thread. Finally, shout out to the developers of Pokemon Rejuvenation for making this awesome fan game and letting us play it! Edit: Forgot to put up a link towards the V13 Status Thread, so here it is.
  10. Pictures of the Best Lord in FE3H, I like it.
  11. It'll change the story when you get into chapter 13 and 14. The best option in the situation is really up to you, but I would say that going with Erin and ratting out Flora would be the best choice.
  12. Are pokemon evolutions randomized as well or is it the same?
  13. I don't know if there will be a journal system or not, but I was mostly curious about how it would work. Would it be like the one in DPP were it just records where we went to and the pokemon that we've caught, or would it be like an actual journal were the MC writes down what is going on in the main story (maybe some side quests too) and show how the MC is feeling during those events? If it is the latter than I think that would flesh out the MC a lot. For me it is kinda hard to tell what the MC is thinking from time to time, even though I'm playing as them and they are mute.
  14. Wouldn't Madam X be the daughter to Lord Xen, the previous leader of Team Xen. There is hidden dialogue if you somehow manage beat Madam X the first time you meet her. She would ay that she has failed her father or something like that.
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