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  1. I have been playing memeforms, I don't know if this is specific to it, but is Wormadam supposed to permanently stay in it's "risen again" form after a battle ends? For me it just stays as bug/ghost forever after getting hit with spooky plate, even after the battle is over.
  2. well you have to lose the battles first, it respawns you in the room with the healing machine.
  3. every single pokemon that I catch in the corrupted cave area of the safari zone has strength sap would assume this is a bug at least, lol EDIT: turns out that every single pokemon I catch now has strength sap. no clue what's going on restarted the game and it's still happening, guess i'll redownload
  4. doesn't appear until after the events of Wispy Tower
  5. Yes, you can catch every single non legendary pokemon. Marill isn't obtainable for a very long time however, not until you have 16 badges I believe.
  6. This is the mod I want, but how do I go about changing the options with the numbers and what not? Where do I put in the One/Zero?
  7. hi

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      How are you?

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      i'm doing great, i have some m&ms to eat and get a day off tomorrow! 

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  8. considering the entire game up to this point hasn't been like that, I don't think you need to worry
  9. Where am I supposed to go after Ren tells me to not go to Goldenleaf town and puts up the fence thing?
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