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  1. sludge bomb isn't available, but naga learns sludge wave anyways.
  2. This is the mod I want, but how do I go about changing the options with the numbers and what not? Where do I put in the One/Zero?
  3. You need to go down in the abandoned railnet, below where the train was when you got there originally. There'll be a rock smash wall you can break and travel through to continue the story.
  4. hi

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      Hihi o/

      How are you?

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      i'm doing great, i have some m&ms to eat and get a day off tomorrow! 

    4. SilverAngelus
  5. dont care about ivs at all, i'll request, my trade name is Advesha
  6. sure, I can give you a heart scale, nugget, star piece, whatever you want
  7. anyone willing to trade me one of these? I'm almost done with the dex so I can trade you nearly anything if you want something in return.
  8. considering the entire game up to this point hasn't been like that, I don't think you need to worry
  9. If that tiny amount of inconsequential information bothers you that much, that's kinda your fault for not telling us that you are that sensitive to "spoilers".
  10. there's a sidequest where you have to get something from one of those bookshelves, maybe the itemfinder detects it but you can't pick it up yet
  11. I've started a new game just with the intention of getting the Sea Incense, which I missed on my main file. I have seen multiple say it is in this warehouse in coral ward, pre reconstruction: So I inspected every single tile in there, no sea incense. I thought I must have missed it, so I have played it up to the point where I have the item finder. Nothing there. Where is it at?
  12. here you go! this video shows all the items you get + mudkip in azurine lake.
  13. I've been looking for it in the pokegear jukebox, not sure if it's there or not. If it is, does anyone know what it's called? And if not, is there anywhere I can listen to it? I absolutely love it.
  14. You have 2 options; "grind forever" like you said to maybe eventually beat the battle, or just change your team and catch different mons that will be good against the fight you're stuck on. In this game you can't just use one team the entire time.
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