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  1. I'm stuck a little earlier on in the quest. I have to go to the hospital of hope to check on Jenny, but the nurse just tells me she's sleeping. I've already talked to the officer in the police department.
  2. The 100% guide says I have to go find him at night in the Odd House, but it seems like the Odd House has been replaced by the Lost Castle in the newer versions of the game. Is there still a way to battle Spector?
  3. This bug seems to be back in V12, but you can still go back to your previous savefile in your Saved Games folder
  4. To do it currently, you have to accept them, choose if you want to give a nickname, open your party and scroll down to them. Is there a mod that makes it quicker (maybe like with eggs where you see a preview of them as soon as they hatch)?
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