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    Pokemon Full Moon

    Thanks for the idea, i might use it if i find out how to on windows 10. I have been using windows 10 for only a few months now and it is still a bit new to me.
  2. reinyn

    Pokemon Full Moon

    Hi guys, i have a small problem. I just beat scuros and after that professor gobline at the house of screams. But what do i do now? I have tried to look it up on youtube but i think that video is outdated. I tried to get back with the cable lift but the guy in front of it tell you that they aren't giving any rides at the moment. So what do i have to do? With high regards, Reinyn Edit: Nothing to worry about, this afternoon i just found out it was another time based event and after a certain time in the evening the cable lifts just stop working.
  3. reinyn

    Pokemon Full Moon

    Thanks for answering my question. I appreciate it.
  4. reinyn

    Pokemon Full Moon

    Hey, I am a bit new here and i wanted to ask for some help. Does anyone here know where to get an eevee and a larvitar in pokemon full moon? If so then please tell me ok. Alright thanks