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  1. Been working on some new weather effects and ui! - ShareX really crunched up the gif though.



    1. Majin J-Awesome_One

      Majin J-Awesome_One

      That’s super awesome.

  2. I've discovered another major bug. If you end up losing while the city is being taken over and have healed in the cultist hideout, you're sent back their and have no means of escaping. You should probably set the healing point somewhere in the apartment building to avoid this. [EDIT] I've also noticed the takeover version of the city is missing its battle back and a custom battleback for the hideout would be appreciated as well. I'd also add in a different end of battle theme as opposed to the one from default essentials.
  3. I've discovered a major bug while playing - entering and exiting the water treatment centre while the city is being destroyed skips ahead, plays a future cutscene and softlocks the game. [EDIT] Looks like its already been found in the previous post. I assume its a bug though, due to the softlock while playing. Enjoying the game thus far though!
  4. He's not supposed to be near the subway. If you've got the checkup, he should be in front of a submarine in the lower levels of Serenity, assuming he already gave you his card for the guild and all that. I assume it was just sub confusion haha.
  5. Weird. I've never had a problem with the elevators. And to continue the case, you talk to Astatine in front of the sub.
  6. The whole underlining thing drops by Case 3.5 anyway, it's not a big deal
  7. Updated the game again to account for: A fix involving the town map loading the wrong graphic for Western Riverview A fix to a multitude of dialogue and spelling errors found throughout the game An update to our case transition graphics which now look like: I've also re-uploaded the game to Google Drive for those who may experience issues with the Mediafire link. Enjoy!
  8. Eventing is basically everything that makes up content in the world - NPCs and their dialogue, items, sidequests, event pokemon battles and even simple things like the lights around the city, etc. Much of what has been done for episode 19 in regards to these effects is probably filler eventing, creating the feature and structuring them around the maps while none of the actual story progress has been complete, thus causing for the 95/0% split.
  9. A new version of the game has been uploaded, addressing a minor error in Case 7 that breaks the game, a couple minor dialogue fixes and adds in our newly updated title screen! You can download now from the usual link!
  10. I found the bug - Priya gets stuck on her chair as she walks off - it's fixed now though and I'm uploading a new copy
  11. Thank you for the very kind words! We've been working on this game for almost a year now and it really means a lot to us when we see comments like this! As for the Starry night theme with our UI, it's not necessarily in reference to Syl but instead, represents the city itself as it's usually dark due to the mostly eternal winter. And heh, yeeeeah, I'm a bit of a huge final fantasy buff so I'm glad you enjoyed it anyways!
  12. Hmm. This is a weird one, seeing as I've never experienced this error before. What direction did you happen to talk to her from if you remember by chance? And I'm very glad you're enjoying the game!
  13. Just uploaded a new version of the game that addresses a small bug with the Charley fights in the bank. Please re-download the game from the link at the top of the thread if you're experiencing said error.
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