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  1. From my knowledge,there isn't,im pretty sure Amy thought the weavile was too op,like she does with most thigs
  2. No problem,have a nice day
  3. no,just send me trash,my username is Goldmedalcoach
  4. So,are we gonna trade,or did you already get one?
  5. I got one,do ivs/evs matter?
  6. alolan ninetails is good,mamoswine is also a solid pick that you can get relatively early on
  7. During rain or thunderstorm a numel will appear outside the train station (i think) and you need to have a pokesnack with you,but if you dont have to wait you can get slugma at the game corner
  8. Ok,just sent a request
  9. if you give me three minutes to get a shieldon,i will be ready to trade,and btw you can just give me trash,i ain't picky
  10. I can get you all of the things above,but i do have a question,do you want an azurill,or neceseraly the sea incense to breed yourself for azurill?
  11. Sorry for the wait,and thanks for the heart scales
  12. Are you sure about the gallade?
  13. Wait i forgot it was litten,lets trade the frokie and then the litten after i get it from the pc
  14. not really,my username is Goldmedalcoach,tell me when you are ready
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