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  1. "..." For a band of rogues and thieves they sure did like their spectacle, didn't they? Whatever floats their boat--they've helped her get this far, at least. "...Good fucking grief. Fine. I'll make it quick, then." She probably doesn't have too much time to get what she needs to out of him before he's cut down--and rightfully so, of course. It's just irritating that they won't even promise that much. "I hate him and want him dead as much as any of you. But he's also my only prospective lead right now, so if you kill him before I get what I need out of him I'm going to be cross."
  2. Compared to the last hit she's taken today the arrow is more or less a pittance--and she's about to return the favor with interest when Mim basically does it for her. ...Huh. "...Good shot." She strolls on over to the archer's corpse and looks down at it for a moment before giving it a swift kick. "Tch. Don't start fights you aren't willing to finish, dumbass." Of course, it's not like the archer is alive to hear her little taunt anyways. It makes her feel better, though. "Hey. Before we bust in and kick ass, I've got something I need to ask the warden. ...We're still going to kill him afterwards, because no way is he leaving here outside of a coffin for what he's done to us. But I've...got information I want to at least try and get out of him first." Reiko to B9.
  3. Everyone seems to have business in hand--though it's not pissing her off quite as much. She's gotten to give a few dickweeds a piece of her mind, and the biggest prize is still just ahead. So...while it's cleared out she might as well go ahead and just move it on up. Reiko to D10, hold it together.
  4. Tch...so, the walls are starting to close in on them, huh? Well, it's not as if she's a total stranger to fighting more than one person at a time--and with the nature of the chokepoint, she shouldn't have any problem holding the south entrances. She's confident enough that she doesn't feel fazed when Galen needs to go and help out those fighting at the west entrance. As long as he's directing Vivi to come down and help Brinda--which, from the looks of it, he is. She turns her head towards the treeline for a second and asks, "Arissell, wasn't it? Help me get this shaman out of our hair for a second," before turning back towards the task at hand, taking a step forward and taking a swing at the dark mage. Arissell to M, 9 and chip at the Shaman Owena to M,11 and whack the Shaman Vivi to N, 10 and heal Brinda
  5. Reiko takes a breath and tries not to be....too alarmed as the healing sparkles shower her body. It's....a strange experience. She'd heard talk of healers and all that, but she'd never really...experienced it before. It was a strange, almost alien thing to her, not having to simply heal naturally with the aid of whatever medicines were around her. Though...now that the steadying pain had left, she found herself with a little less focus in her anger than before. ...It's still not necessarily something to be upset at him over, of course. "....Thank you. Don't worry about me too much if someone else needs healing more than I do, though. My father used to tell me that our family has always done its best work in our worst hour, and I don't believe I'm too different in that regard."
  6. "--!" Well...she had more or less expected the cursed to go after the person right in front of her, having gone feral and all, but...she supposed going after an easier target like Brinda made about as much sense. ...That didn't mean she had to like it, though. On the contrary--her teeth grit and her hands grip tighter on her hatchet as she approaches the soldier who downed her teammate, glancing down at Brinda in for a few seconds in the meantime. "Hang tight, Brinda. I'm sure Vivi's coming." Turning her attention back to the soon-to-be-swatted Soldier, she growls out, "Hey! Your fight's with me, dickweed!" before taking a mighty swing at him. Stay where she is and swat the heck out of that Soldier C.
  7. ...Tch, finally. Something to take her attention off all the yelling that's been going on...though at the very least, Crimson seems to have learned to focus his anger towards people that actually need a blade in their chests. So that's a positive. One of the aforementioned people is standing before her, heavily battered. It looks like any push would topple him over, and she would like him to feel her pain for a little while longer--but at the same time she doesn't want to let him go without tasting her steel first. She strides on over to the soldier and, with a swing and a mighty, primal battle-yell she brings her sword down upon him. Reiko to D14, Revengeance the Soldier.
  8. She's quiet for a few moments, seeming almost...pensive, before nodding an affirmative. "Thank you...admittedly, though, I'm a bit more used to my bare hands, but I'm learning." "I...well, I haven't had a dragon attack me, so I can't say I know everything about your experience, but I do know what it's like to be unwelcome for who you are. The good people of the Winelands don't take kindly to my kind being in 'their lands', whether we were born there or not." Her voice almost drips with sarcasm as she emphasizes the 'good people', and a slight scowl crawls its way onto her face for a few moments. "So, I do understand it pays to keep an eye out, I suppose...I've just more experience in street fights than warzones, I guess. ...Shouldn't you get back a little, Galen? You're hurt. I can take whatever they've got for me better than you probably can right now."
  9. Hrm. It's...almost a little disconcerting just how easily Galen managed to do that. Or, she should say, how nonchalantly that happened. "What the hell kind of a teammate would I be if I didn't have your back, right? Um...you don't have to duck hatchets like that often, do you?"
  10. ...Right. Okay. So, this man is likely a Rian if only for how little a hold on his temper he seems to have. It's not like she can complain much about that, though--though it's a cold anger at the moment she's still full of rage herself. The difference, though, is she reacts that angrily to actual provocation, and he seems to blow up due to an innocent comment. Though...now she thinks about it more she'd probably have a similarly furious response if someone pressed at one of her sorer spots...perhaps not to that extent, but she wouldn't be civil about it. Maybe he had a similar issue? ...She can't offer any advice on it anyhow. Any advice except to get even with whoever caused that pain, anyways. It's probably something to talk about with him later, maybe. Once he doesn't feel like lashing out at his own allies.
  11. She gives a short nod off in Nicolos' direction before continuing on south towards Galen and Brinda's position. She's honestly a little happy she decided to leave when she did, seeing the kind of situation Brinda missing her spell had put them in--but regardless, they were a team now and that meant she'd do what she could to help them out. "Galen, duck." Owena to M10, throw a hatchet at Myrmidude C.
  12. She simply nods a little bit and advances forward, making a point to ignore Crimson being a pouty little baby about Virtuous, whatever his beef with them is. She doesn't really care right now what that beef is--what she wants right now is to get in there, give the warden a piece of her mind, and get out to the more important task at hand. "Last line of defense, huh? Good; I'm not anywhere near satisfied yet." Reiko to D16
  13. She takes a deep, slow breath as Hinabe manages to finish off the shaman for her--this time it's not so egregious, as at least she got to shed his blood. Still, though...that doesn't stop her from, once her deep breath is over, raising her foot and bringing it down swiftly and sharply onto the shaman's corpse. You know, once or twice. And then spitting on it afterwards. She's not going to take out too much of her anger on his body, though--not when the warden is just around the corner. "Bastard. I don't know what comes after this, but for you I hope it's painful." Her attention shortly turns to someone riding up to them and dropping off a woman with them. He has her attention (and her apprehension), but the moment he begins to speak she realizes...by the Horse, this man is an absolute dork. He didn't seem too irritating right now, mind, but he's a dork nonetheless. She'd never heard of Virtuous before being thrown in prison, but from what she heard, any adversary of the bastards who did this to her was at least an ally in her book...well, until they proved themselves otherwise. She just needed a moment to translate what he was saying from dork-ese, that's all. "...You're...saying you want us to kill the warden, right? You didn't have to tell me to do that. I have four months of grievances that I want him to feel very fucking intimately." She glances back for a moment at Simeon before looking back at the strange horse-man. Right...he doesn't have much business taking on the warden. She should make sure he's taken care of. "My...ally, though...the burly man in the bandana wielding an axe. His name is Simeon. His back isn't well and I don't know if it'd be a good idea for him to take on the rest of the prison. Would you, or one of your buddies, or whoever help him get out of the prison safely? Maybe keep watch until we get back out?"
  14. As she gazes upon these cursed, shambling forward in their mindless agression, she feels more of a sense of pity than revulsion (though it's not as if the decaying skin and all isn't a bit disgusting). This...what a sad, sorry state of affairs that any human should have to live like this. She only hopes that these poor, shambling souls won't have to suffer very long...one way or the other. It's rather enough to make her question why people should continue practicing dark magic--or at the very least, why those not searching for a cure or already cursed through other means should do it, if this is the end result. Then again, that much is probably a question for later, and a question that probably should be...carefully phrased, so as to avoid coming off like the sneering anti-cursed sentiment she saw so often in her homelands. In the vast majority of cases cursed were victims just the same as her own people, just....bah. Again, she'll take the time to parse her thoughts and ask sensitive, respectful questions when her life's not on the line. Glancing over, she notices Galen and Brinda are...well, they seem like they've got a bit of a fight ahead of them. A fight Owena isn't necessarily sure they can win. She hesitates to leave Nicolos, but...well, if Arissell, Juliett and Vivianne stay where they are then he should be fine, yes? "All due respect, Nicolos, but Galen and Brinda look like they need my help right now more than you do. Unless you have objections...?" Owena to M8, wait nicely. Nicolos to J8, finish off the Shaman, Press the Attack on Owena.
  15. Well, the meeting...certainly hadn't gone anything like she'd expected it to. It's not like it was the most horrible unexpected surprise you could have, though, so....she supposes it's fine. She'll leave them to decide if they're coming or not--she has some last-minute training to get in. When the morning comes and the meeting time arrives, she's there a little early--the opposite of her usual timing. But, then again, this was kind of a special case. She does rankle a bit when he mentions that the person joining them is to be one of that old fart Merlin's former apprentices, but...if she has truly defected then she'd be invaluable to the cause. And if Nicolos so readily trusts her then she supposes she should probably put her misgivings aside for now. For now. And yet, she manages to be late. ...Given her own less-than-stellar habits on punctuality, she supposes she has little right to complain on that front. But as the swarm of feral cursed comes up over the horizon, she still can't help but think that it's a flaw she really wishes 'Vivi' didn't have. She's toying with her axe, preparing herself physically and mentally for the task ahead when Vivi finally emerges from the forest. ...Huh. She's actually kind of cute. There's no time for that, though. There are more important issues on the horizon, bearing down on them with all manner of weaponry. With one hand, she pulls up her hood and glances backwards. "Somebody, come with me to block off that bridge to the west. Take the trees for cover, I'll see if I can't get the spearman's attention." A short sigh escapes from her lips soon afterwards. This...still isn't exactly the most pleasant job in the world. But the people coming at her right now don't look to be in a mood to negotiate. Owena to J8, throw an axe at Soldier A. Nicolos to J7 and hold his position.
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