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  1. Her teeth grit together as Lizaveta falls under the weight of an onslaught...but unfortunately she doesn't know anything besides rudimentary first aid. It looks as though the rest of the group is setting upon the others, which leaves her to deal with the one closest to her, and the most of an immediate threat to the group--the Fighter. "Attacking the defenseless--a solid tactic if one just wants a cheap hit. But in your haste you forgot two things. One--you can't hit the broad side of a barn. And two--" "Now you're wide fucking open, you goddamned idiot." Move to N-15, take a swipe at the Fighter after Lenore knifes him.
  2. Death, hm...? ....To be honest, she'd been spacing out for most of this encounter, thoughts of what she was going to do to the king once she got her hands on him running through her head. But whatever she missed, it seems like he's going to stand in their way for the moment--more than that, he seems to be intent on killing them all. And, well....that's not really going to do for right now. She glances back to make sure that Arthur's being taken care of before striding forward; if they really want to fight her, then it's their decision to die on her blade. "Phoenix." Reaching up to his perch, she helps their leader down and shuffles him a little further on the battlefield. "Seems there's some wetwork to do. Any of those Icons, or whatever they're called that you want....'dibs' on?" Move to O17, Rescue Kane and plop him onto P17.
  3. "Mainly to talk, like I said. But any information you might have would also be appreciated." Reiko...doesn't suppose there's a nice or tactful way to break this to him. Lately she hasn't much cared for that, anyways, and normally she wouldn't for someone related to a sworn enemy, but...he's shown on multiple occasions that there's no love lost between him and the King of Ria. So...if there's not much of a good way to reveal this, then she may as well be blunt. Rip off the band-aid, is the analogy she would make if they had band-aids in Medieval Stasis. "...The blade. The one that...that your father killed mine to obtain. Does he still have it? Did he contract someone to take it from us, or are there others besides him whose lives have become forfeit? I...please. This is...I'll be frank with you. I don't have much else to be around for beyond this."
  4. For the majority of this conversation, Reiko's mostly been listening in silence. She's more or less fine with taking off her mask--but that's less out of trust for the royalty and more out of the fact that she never truly had much care for the 'secret identity business anyhow. The debate they're having is...well, to her it's as simple as anything. The gods allow these things to happen, allow the world to go to hell like this, because they don't care, if they're even real. If they are real, then it became clear to her long ago that they're not at all worthy of her, or anyone's worship. However, most of what she has to say on the matter is being expressed by others, including Baldur in the one moment he has a good point. But then the conversation turns to why the prince of Ria left, and...well, it's hard to listen. Throughout his explanation her expression continually darkens and her hands ball up into fists in her lap, her teeth gritting. "...My thanks for the meal." She hasn't touched most of it. "But I have some urgent business to attend to." Quickly, and a little rudely, she stands from her place and takes off after Arthur, leaving her food for anyone who happens to steal it and her chair pushed out. She's been trained for speed, agility, and has her fair share of experience tracking game--so it's not a terribly long time before she catches up to Arthur. "Arthur. Crimson. Whichever name you prefer--I don't care. We need to talk."
  5. "We'll likely have to do some convincing if we want to avoid war at this juncture. I mean, their king was just assassinated by agents of Gul; the way most would see it, war is already at their doorsteps." She pauses for a few moments, thinking about the implications of one of Justine's statements, before continuing. "Unless...you mean to suggest that they were simply agent provocatuers? Unaligned with Gul, but simply trying to cause a war?"
  6. ...So it seems while they'd been defending the throne room, someone had snuck around them and assassinated the king. It was a cowardly move, and no less than Reiko had come to expect from the armies of Gul, but it was...concerning? She'll use that word for now. The truth is that she's...not exactly here to get involved in international politics and she's never had much intention for throwing her hat in any nation's ring, so...how much should she really be involved in their business? At what point does she--and Virtuous--simply become an agent of the kingdom of Ceda? "...So where do you all go from here, then?" It's a general question, posed to any Virtuous members nearby who might be interested in answering. "This seems like a fairly blatant act of war on Gul's part...but I'm concerned that if we go too far to get revenge for them then it's a step towards being de facto arms of the government of Ceda."
  7. ...Eh, that last poem went on a little long for her liking. It gets a two outta five from her, honestly. A glance to the side lets Owena know that Juliett has picked up....something, over there, and more importantly that she seems to be okay for now. Good. Now...Brinda is not okay right now, and so far as she's concerned someone should probably answer for that. Swiftly, Owena approaches the bow-woman and raises her hatchet. "C'mere, I got a present for you." Owena to J-9, whack Neve with a hatchet.
  8. Reiko glances upwards as she's picked up again--is this something the leadership's put her up to? Some distrust that she might not be in the right place at the right time? Yet, she doesn't know how to ask about it without being standoffish. "...Not that I don't appreciate the help, but where are we going? Is this concern or merely repositioning? ...Is it uncomfortable on a wyvern?" Okay, that last one is more or less apropos of nothing--she's just curious.
  9. "You don't know what they did to me! Release me at once, or else--you know what I do to those who protect them."
  10. As the swordsman takes a swing at it, Reiko more or less effortlessly dodges it, scoffing. With a sword like that, she knows well enough how someone'll be wanting to use it--and with all of her practice, she knows all too well all the mistakes an inexperienced or unskilled warrior would make with it. "Predictable. Your form is sloppy and I could see that swing coming a mile off. Do you think I trained as long as I did to lose to a rank amateur like you?" "Let me show you how it's done." With one strike, the enemy Myrmidon is reduced to a corpse leaking blood onto the floor. It's....a little more gruesome when it's someone she has no personal vendetta against. A little harder to look at. Enough that she almost doesn't notice the queen remark on how she's hurt and pull out a staff--almost. She shakes her head, looking confused. "What? No, I'm fine--" But, it's too late--she's already used the staff. Well...at least she feels a little better? "....You shouldn't waste that on me. It's probably better off saved for someone else. ....Thank you, though." ...Now she looks at her, really looks at her, the queen is...kind of cute? More than kind of. But that's not what she needs to be focusing on right now--not when there are enemies afoot. She strides on over to the mage that hasn't been attacked by her allies yet and takes a swing at them. Move to (Q, 4), fuck up that Mage D.
  11. "Yep, that's the one! Thank you...she's really valuable, you know." There's a slight pause before she continues on. "I mean, she's never asked for a raise once! Or...if she did, I don't remember it, or I chose not to. So, you know, I'd hate to lose her like that." There...might be something a little more beneath that, but who's to distrust an Anna when she says she's motivated by value and money? "Of course...I know she's really cute, so it's not like you need extra motivation, buuuuut I'd be willing to see my way to giving you a little extra in your payday if you do a great job with it." She gives a small, sly wink--she of all people should know one of the quickest ways to her family's heart is through money. "Again, that's all I really wanted to talk with you about, so if you're ready go ahead and get to work."
  12. She'd contend that there's a bit of a difference between confidence and braggadocio, and she did mention that he didn't necessarily need to be best friends forever with Cody just so long as he refrained from starting fights, but she's not going to get into this right now with her little brother. Just so long as he gets the message, it's fine--she's got work to do, after all. "Sure, sure, that's fine. I didn't say you had to make friends, just avoid making enemies." "That's basically what I wanted to talk with you about. Long as you get it, you can go ahead and get your job done." She gives him a few claps on the shoulder. "Would you mind keeping an eye on Chance too, make sure she's gonna be okay? She's got a bad habit of getting way to into her work so this kind of thing happens sometimes. I've tried talking with her about it, but it doesn't really seem to be working..."
  13. As Anne stepped aside for their little talk, Anna was soon to follow, her arms crossed. "Look, Anne. I know Cody's not very...personable, here. He's been working with me about ten months now, I know damn well he's not always great to have a conversation with. And I know you were just trying to make a good impression in your own, machismo way. But while you take that as a bit of playful banter a guy like him's gonna take that as a threat. Most people are gonna take 'prices aren't the only thing I can crack in half' as a threat. And that little crack you made after that was just plain a threat. Like, there's not many other ways to take that." She lets out a small sigh before leaning against the nearest wall. "I get it, okay? Some people in the family don't play nice with others easily. And I do appreciate the effort you're making with Chance. But while you're taking this job I'm gonna need you to adjust, and while you're adjusting I'm gonna need you to avoid threatening your co-workers. All right? You don't have to love absolutely everyone here, but I'd prefer you to not accidentally start a fight on the clock."
  14. Well. Anne could have told her that he didn't exactly play well with others before she hired him. This whole scene playing out before her was...undesirable, to say the least. Infighting was bad for business. And then Chance collapses...hm. Well, she was going to tell her to get back to work, but...she must have overdone it with her maid work today. Again. "She's delirious is what she is. Working too damn hard again." Anna roots around in her bag for a few seconds before somehow producing and constructing a shaded hammock nearby the stall. "Venus, go get her some cold water and don't start any fights on the way there. Or on the way back. Anne, put her on the hammock, gently. And then, I'm gonna need to talk with you." The annoyance in her voice suggests it's not to praise his go-getter attitude.
  15. Prologue: Annatomy of a Saleswoman It's a select few that can make it in an environment as competitive and stratified as the city of Prospero, and among those it was an even more select few that were wholly unrelated to anyone already established within the city. Property values are through the roof here, and the price of rent can only be described as highway robbery for any tenants not willing to settle for the servant's house. Sure, it's a bustling town on most days, the cobblestone streets worn down every day by the ceaseless footsteps of merchants hailing from all across Leocor, and that means an assured customer base--but getting oneself established is the problem. Many have tried, and failed, to make their fortune in this city, and in so doing have ended up either a household name or forced into vagrancy--or worse, a servant's contract. Anna, of course, doesn't much want to take that risk--so, after a trip of about a day or two from their last business venture in Impericum, she's merely opened a street vendor's booth here instead. It's a much safer bet to take, and if you know what to sell and how to signal you're selling you can make just as much if not more than someone operating a storefront. The marketplace she and her company are set up in lies near the entrance to the city proper, and so is a popular place to set up for those who made the same risk-reward calculus she has. The only downside, of course, being...well, it's not as though those rich enough to afford storefronts haven't thought to set up here, either. Leeching her business, in Anna's opinion...but, what can you do? It's a sunny, clear day today, meaning that the foot traffic (and customer base) in this little market square is as busy as it's going to be. So, Anna seems to have finished setting up her booth just in time, exhaling as she wipes a bit of sweat off her brow before heading behind the counter and unpacking her wares. As she unpacks, she keeps her gaze upward at the company assembled before her, that trademark grin gracing her face. "Okay! So, lemme outline how today's gonna go...Cody, Anne, you're gonna stick around nearby and help watch the store, okay? If you catch anybody with sticky fingers near the booth then I'm gonna let you figure out how you wanna deal with them, just so long as they don't take our goods without ponying up. Andy..." "You do whatever you want, y'know? Go where the spirit takes you so long as you don't get caught." She sends a....fairly obvious wink his way. "As for the rest of you..." She gives a small little grunt of effort before producing a stack of flyers from her bag and placing them on the desk. All of them are advertisements for Anna's booth, colorful and full of bombastic language extolling the quality of her goods. "Each of you are gonna take ten of these and get 'em around town. They've got a little charm on them so they can stick to walls--thank you, Kyou--so don't worry about that. Give 'em out, put 'em up around town, plaster them on someone else's shop--I don't much care how you get the word out so long as the word is out that we're selling the best goods this side of the border. That's how you're gonna be earning your payday today. After the fliers are out, you guys can go out and have fun. But, uh..." Once more, she reaches into her bag and pulls out an assortment of rocks, seeming no different than the sort you'd pick up off the street, spreading them out on the table before pulling out and putting on a ruby necklace. "I want you all to take one of these, just in case. When I use them to contact you--and you'll know when I do--I want you to come straight back here, K?" She takes a few moments to finish up putting some items on display before clapping her hands. "Sooo, if nobody has any questions, then I'll let you all get to it! Speak now or forever hold your peace." Everyone is in!
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