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  1. yes, but i downloaded a fresh version and the same thing happened.
  2. Sadly no everything else is working i think... and i don't know if it is only in my game or general. Should i post my gamefile?
  3. Hello, i think i read all the rules correctly and did not find the bug in the 'known bugs list', but if i made a mistake by posting here please let me know. The title explains it all i think, but to clarify i describe it a bit more. When using Grassy Terrain and then the Poison Z-Move (Acid Downpour) it should change the field into the Corrosive Field. That is said in the description of the field effect notes. But it turns into the Corrosive Mist Field instead. For the move Sludge Wave the mechanics work perfectly fine, so i think it was not intentional and therefore posted it here. Btw i love Reborn and can not thank all involved people enough for making it Have a good day
  4. Sounds good! Do you know the time at which your stream starts on these days? I think my timezone will make things complicated but i will try to make it work.
  5. I am also interessted, but i have to look if i have the time.
  6. Hey, i think you have trained urself a good team so you might be able to do it with them. The most important thing for me was to not let the Illumise set up rain. Since you have a fake out Pokemon in Persian you should start with it and a Pokemon that can take the remaining HP of Illumise. This will help a lot. You should use a move like Flame Burst or Fire Pledge to destroy the field, turn it into the burning field and then be able to go through the gym with your flying and fire types. I dont know if it helps for sure but this should deal with most of her team. You could also equip your team with Elemental Seeds because in the Burning field your Pokemon will get boosts in Sp.Atk, Atk, and Speed and applies Fire Spin to the user. Hope it helps and dont let that discourage you!
  7. Hello there. I would choose crobat mainly because of his high speed. Your team is a bit slow and it will be a good revenge killer in my opinion. But maybe you can use steelix and aim for a trick room team? Hope this could help you.
  8. You can now find the key where you find Solosis. Just search for the Solosis event.
  9. Schmiss


    I can give you one.
  10. Hey, I'm not really good at competitive battling myself, but I can give you some small advices on some minor mistakes or not optimal sets you have made: 1. A focus sash lead with belly drum is not working, because either you use your focus sash because of a hit and have 1 hp so belly drum wont work or u use belly drum and the focus sash will be useless. Maybe change for shell smash? 2. Dream eater is (mostly) a bad move in competitive battling. Maybe psyshock would be good. 3. Whimsicott wont be able to use light screen, because the assault vest lets him use only moves that do damage. I would suggest to use a different item like leftovers and prankster as the ability with attacks like substitute, tailwind and leech seed to get a support mon with priority attacks due to prankster. 4. Maybe Specs for Drampa? I think in more games specs would be a better option. 5. Chandelure doesnt have will o wisp, so i think shadow ball would be better. Except you focus on your toxic spikes. 6. Mega Banette. I think destiny bond, shadow claw and knock off are better than shadow force, hex and gunk shot. Hope i could help you
  11. Hello and Merry Christmas everyone! Can someone trade me these mons? I have some shinies and literally every other pokemon except those...
  12. Mega Banette is awesome Yes. All the Mega Evolutions are available rather late in the game, because you get the Ring to evolve them so late.
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