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  1. Schmiss

    Yugioh Decks

    I don't know if you know Duel Links Meta. There you can see every possible archtype and an example deck. Six Sams is really not that difficult i have much more problems with other decks lol. I would love to have some dark heroes available though.. in general i love the gx timeline yugioh cards. Is there an archtype you want to have?
  2. Schmiss

    Yugioh Decks

    Only Duel Links: Also Destiny Heroes + Anki for a long time, but now I spend all my gems + Dream Tickets on six sams. I try to build a competetive deck one in a while (f2p) that I enjoy using or which looks interesting to me.
  3. I don't know much but I think the Nature Changer is a new thing that gets introduced in Gen 8. Could be some shady Doctor in a dark alley... But I also don't think they did the changes because of Pokemon Reborn. Would be nice though if they would be open to fan suggestions or Fan Games in general.
  4. Rotom Wash, would be really good, because of the typing and another ground immunity. Alolan Ninetales, is also a good choice, to give urself a better chance to set up with your sweepers due to aurora veil.
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