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  1. Level 100 is enough. I want the endgame to revolve around building better teams and playing smarter, not just getting more levels because the enemies have more levels. I was excited to finally hit level 100 but if it ends up just being a fake out and there's still another 10, 20, 30, or 100 levels to grind through in order to catch up to every NPC I have to deal with, that would be a huge disappointment.
  2. There's some pretty spicy stuff on this artist's page. I didn't know we were into that.
  3. Is there a debug mod available? Breeding is for chumps. I just wanna manually boost my EVs and IVs as I go along.
  4. See topic title. No other introductions necessary.
  5. How would you rate the difficulty on a scale of 1 (main games) to 5 (Reborn/Rejuvenation)? Trying to decide what to play next.
  6. Found him. Damn side streets.
  7. I can't figure out what to do with this, at all. I talked to the lady at the Stock Center and she told me to go talk to someone who doesn't care about the law. My first thought was to find Garrett but that's easier said than done. I think I've explored every street, every house, and talked to every character in Cellia City to no avail. Does anyone have a clue on what I need to do right now?
  8. No dice. The one that was on page 175 is a dead link, and the reupload they gave has Debug disabled.
  9. Works great. Thanks. But now I'm feeling greedy. Would anyone be able to make an edited script with Debug enabled? I just use it to save myself an hour or two when I feel like training up a new mon. I'd edit it myself but I can't figure this out at all.
  10. Do the crests actually work in-game right now? I just noticed that my Oricorio with Crest was outsped by Aya's Tentacruel, despite being equally leveled and my Oricorio being 252/31 with Timid nature. Unless Aya's Tentacruel was using a choice scarf, which would be jank but not unheard of.
  11. I can't handle the default speed, at all. Is there any mod that lets me do the 3x speed that Reborn and Rejuvenation had?
  12. Completely forgot about that one. Now we're back in action. Thanks.
  13. How can I get back to Kugearen at the end of the current episode? The time stone in the sewers is missing, the time stone on the mountain is shattered, and there is no way to get to Kugearen from the time stone in Sashila to my knowledge. I'm trying to do the Goldenwood Restoration quest but the fisherman on Route 02 isn't spawning, and I assume it's because I cut the cherry tree way back when and didn't fix it. Am I just softlocked until v12?
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