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  1. One thing I've always hated about the Pokemon formula is that the overworld theme is constantly being interrupted by the battle theme every three or four seconds, and if the battle theme is coming from a wild battle then you're only hearing it for the three or four seconds it takes you to kill it or run away. I wanted a game where the overworld music was good enough to sit down and actually listen to it while trekking through a route, but I've gotten this comment enough times that I wonder if the loop of overworld theme to battle theme and back again is just so ingrained in people that it's not worth trying to break past it. Difficulty in the beginning is definitely a bit awkward. I'm still thinking of ways to tone that down without making the later areas feel inconsistent.
  2. They're unique characters so they get unique placeholder sprites until I can find a sucker willing to do real sprites for me.
  3. Download: Archive (.zip): https://mega.nz/#!UmJSWaLL!dYcnW0VoepvaGwMDPSrRlUwT5R-7dUDuNPL49KWhi6o Installer (.exe): https://mega.nz/#!lioBXSxK!YEbUFbvEyP512_6O4tA2PQBWt3qcq9Gp8vNoLp5b8Js Story: You're a visitor to the out-of-the-way Ocandia region, and have decided to take on the Ocandia League. The challenges are tough, and the region isn't fully prepared to handle the kind of traffic that budding trainers bring. Furthermore, you'll meet a shadowy group known only as "the suggesters". It's not entirely certain what their motivations are, but maybe if you're perceptive you'll be able to figure out whether or not you're biting off more you can chew by challenging them. Jops, of the suggesters. Eager trainers will be able to challenge him, but not all of them will be able to beat him. Available Content: Main Route 01 and Main Route 02: Two large routes featuring cave systems and numerous side quests. Aurora Town and Bier Town: Two moderate-sized towns with several areas within to explore, numerous NPCs to talk to, additional quests to take part in, and even some time-specific events that you won't regret checking out. Bier Town Gym: A massive gym filled with trainers, and a gym leader that will have you coming back for more if you aren't ready for her. The Suggesters: You'll be having run-ins with a few adversaries, and maybe you'll even get a taste of how far the rabbit hole goes... Features: The Ocandia Region: Long, winding routes filled with sidequests and places to explore. You won't be running from one end to the other until you've truly mastered the terrain. Mechanics Up To Date With Gen 7: Mega evolution, Z-moves, and 807 Pokemon to catch. Field Effects: As seen in games like Pokemon Reborn and Pokemon Rejuvenation. You'll need to do more than bring a type advantage into a fight to guarantee a victory. Player Freedom: Easy access to rare candies, common candies, EV training, IV training, move relearners, and even nature changers ensure that you'll always be able to switch your party members around without any unnecessary busywork. Download: Archive (.zip): https://mega.nz/#!UmJSWaLL!dYcnW0VoepvaGwMDPSrRlUwT5R-7dUDuNPL49KWhi6o Installer (.exe): https://mega.nz/#!lioBXSxK!YEbUFbvEyP512_6O4tA2PQBWt3qcq9Gp8vNoLp5b8Js Back by popular demand, with balancing up to date and bugs splattered across the windshield. Credits: Pokemon Reborn: Most assets used come from Pokemon Reborn. Previous versions had assets created by others, but those have been replaced as of this release. Music credits go to Funky DL (most overworld themes), Infinite (most battle themes), Gramatik (theme of the suggesters), and Satoshi Ise (Lucy's theme).
  4. I am going to cyberbully you if you don't get that demo up again soon.

    and you dog too

    1. Anti-loser


      Aight that’s just poor

  5. What's your opinion on marijuana and do you believe yourself to be superior to marijuana consumers? Just curious.

  6. The first area in general has a lot of potential for player frustration. Most of the trainers in the first area basically won't even attack the player, making them nothing more than wastes of time in exchange for some exp. The boss of the area is awkward in that his mons are strong enough to get a clean sweep on the player if they aren't using their healing items. The obvious solution is for the player to just use their healing items, but Meowth's bite can cause the player to use their items up and still eventually lose the battle, making it nearly impossible for the player to win the battle on their second attempt since they have no way to grind for EXP and no way to acquire more healing items, from what I can tell. I never made it to the second area because of the meteorologist banishing me to the shadow realm after I left her crib.
  7. I'm having an issue with the AI and I'm wondering if anyone knows enough about the Reborn scripts to help me out. I have a gym leader set on a Mountain field with auto-hail. The reason I have it set like this is so that the field will turn into a Snowy Mountain field after three turns of hail. The gym leader's semi-final mon is a Masquerain with Tailwind. Tailwind summons Strong Winds on the Mountain field, which cancel out the hail permanently. The gym leader is insistent on ALWAYS sending out this Masquerain after their first mon dies, without fail. The tailwind messes up the whole thing and ironically makes the battle easier than intended. I just want the gym leader to use the default order their team is set in. Is there a way to basically tell the AI trainer to use the default order?
  8. Actually, I figured it out. The tint was tied to the area's battleback. I had no idea the battleback affected the overworld tint. That's cool. I'm actually a complete idiot and just realized that the I left the Outdoor option in the town's metadata unchecked, which is what was causing the tint in the first place. It's not the new map that was tinted: It was the old map that was untinted. I am a genius with an IQ smaller than my shoe size.
  9. Nah. I've tried everything from warp events to debugging myself into the map, with consistent results. The curse of Blacksteam Factory's screen tint will continue to haunt me for the rest of my life.
  10. There's nothing in the transition from map to map (done via map connection without any events) and it's consistently the map with ID:012 that has the tint. It's definitely being called from within one of the scripts but I can't figure it out. Worst case scenario is that I just make dummy maps whenever I stumble onto one of the ones with tints active. It's not a big deal. I'll poke around in the PBS files and see if I'm overlooking something but if I'm not then I'll just deal with it.
  11. DarkMap is for the dark circle around the player. The thing you use Flash for. I'm talking about a general tint on the screen.
  12. As I'm fiddling around with my own fangame, I'm noticing that making new maps is causing them to take on the properties of older maps. For example, Map ID:012 has a dark tint on the screen despite my trying to make it a basic outdoor area. I think Map ID:012 in Pokemon Reborn is a dark cave, and these properties are somewhere in the scripts. I've checked the metadata and the PBS files but can't figure out where these settings are coming from. I assume they're somewhere in the actual Essentials Scripts, but I have no idea where to look for them. Does anyone here know where they are? Thanks!
  13. Actually, I figured it out! I had to change the Battleback in the metadata for the map. I wanna leave this thread open though, in case there actual is a guide that someone can point out for me.
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