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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. ZenChu


      Ooohthank you! Sorry but i never enter here, and probably thanks to you too it was a really great day! 

    2. LykosHand


      Haha no problem 😄, i'm happy to know that it was a great day for you and you're welcome 😄

  2. Yeah..i need immense luck and time, and i lack in luck ahahah
  3. Hello gamers! I’m in EUW too so if Anyone else is from the same server and want to play/doing something simular i’m super-duper happy to help! CrazyMaelstrom (i should be gold but sometimes i play like a bronze)
  4. Welcome to the best fangame i’ve ever seee. I probably have about 10 different save files all at the end of 18 Ep and i still like playing this game, next challenge i’ll do is a nuzlocke, and i’m well aware that with this game it will be impossible
  5. I swept her using a meowstic with fake out and a flygon with earthquake and rock slide, i easily ended fighting Ninetales with at least 4 pokemon Alive
  6. ZenChu

    Reborn dreaming

    I sometimes travel in time and space thanks to my genetically modofied Renault Twingo, so it could be that
  7. Hello guys, is there any other game based in Reborn city? I don’t know if i dreamt about it but i remember about a game with the same carachters of reborn but during the game you don’t fight team meteor but you Explore in depth the relationship about carachters like shelly with Cal, or amaria with titania, so you play events of their lives.
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