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  1. IllCaesar

    Can all event Pokemon be shiny?

    I've done over 800 resets aiming for a shiny version of the Lotad event Pokemon in the Coral Ward and knowing the shiny rate in Reborn it has me wondering if all event Pokemon can be shiny. I know that they're randomized but I know from some of the other event Pokemon that I've encountered that some are completely randomized, such as the Smoochum and Pichu having 31 IVs in a few of their stats no matter how they're otherwise randomized. IF that could happen I figured that some event Pokemon could be shiny. I'm not sure why somebody would go out of their way to implement that and just make a headache for themselves but it seems to be that or I'm just very unlucky and I figured that I would ask before continuing to SR for a shiny.
  2. IllCaesar

    Are gym leaders EV trained?

    That sounds about right. I asked because I was trying to take out Shelly's Illumise before it uses Rain Dance and I couldn't get a single hit in, not even with a level 55 alakazam I got via wonder trade. I was using that to try and figure out if it had a quick claw or was just EV trained and I did it enough times that I'm pretty confident saying it's just EV trained to an unreasonable degree.
  3. IllCaesar

    Are gym leaders EV trained?

    Based on how this current gym battle is going i'm like 95% certain that they're EV trained to a high degree, possibly to the maximum you can fit into a stat.
  4. One thing I really like about Reborn is that the level cap is actually relevant. In the main Pokemon games it's only ever relevant if you end up deliberately using suboptimal teams like in a nuzlocke. I feel like I'm actually being challenged here with the level cap since I can't overlevel and I enjoy that... so why does Reborn still have the anti-grinding measures that were introduced in Gen V that were specifically made to deter you from plowing through the game with an overleveled team? Either one of these mechanics will do the job sufficiently but put them together and you're just forcing players into a situation where they have to grind excessively to get their desired Pokemon to the level for the next challenge, something that so far has been especially a slog since Reborn seems to be designed for you to be swapping out which Pokemon you use very frequently. I started with a new playthrough after having quit playing the game a few years ago and, well, I'm reminded of why I quit in the first place. The game is great but due to how frequently there are changes in party makeup I paradoxically find myself grinding more here than in Pokemon games where grinding isn't discouraged. I could see the reasoning if there were a lot of smaller obstacles on the way to the bigger challenges - the grunts, the wild pokemon, etc - and you didn't want to accidentally overlevel them but common candies make that point irrelevant. I'm sure it isn't for EV training either since EV training has the same end effect as regular leveling. I'm not trying to make this sound rude or anything, I just genuinely don't see why it's done the way it is.
  5. IllCaesar

    Teddiursa locations?

    Clear weather, day time. I seem to be meeting all of the appropriate conditions.
  6. IllCaesar

    Teddiursa locations?

    Playing episode 18. I see that there's a Teddiursa early on that can be found by chasing it but I've seem to have exhausted all of the potential locations where it can appear. I'm looking for it more for completion reasons than necessity so it isn't a big deal but it is frustrating to go all over the Peridot wards and the Opal ward to find no sign of it anywhere. Also, unrelated but I figured I'd ask, I saw a Murkrow perched above the second gym in the Onyx district, the Trainers' School. Is there any way to get up there or is its presence just decorative?