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  1. It's not an event encounter as far is I know. Go to Gearen Park, talk to the freaking-out bandana guy (this may not even be necessary) and then go into the grass. Use repels if you want to. I caught a level 95 Budew (not good enough for the Grassium, apparently) and a level 100 Budew which got the me the Z-crystal from the guy when I showed it to him. I did it in this version. Image in the spoiler. I'd finished all content when I went to catch it, so I'm not sure of where you have to be in terms of progress to encounter it if the wild encounter is enabled by some story event.
  2. If there's still a chance of this being answered, I'd like to see it. What advice would any of you give to someone who's currently at the writing/planning stage of their own Pokemon fangame? I'm mainly doing it at this point as screenplay writing practice and character creation exercises, but I might try to make it into an RPG maker game eventually. Thanks for making Rejuvenation, and thanks for answering everyone's questions!
  3. All in the second box are EV-trained and level 85 and many are IV-bred. Those in less-full box in the first two rows are the same, but the ones in the lower rows are either freshly bred Pokemon or Pokemon that I used to use before I retired since they need re-breeding. Invincible was the shiny Eevee I got from the Kimono Girls sidequest, and rifts really don't like it when he Transforms into them.
  4. So, somehow my Carvanha (and my Oricorio, but I'm leaving a screenshot of the former) have the move Strength Sap as if they learned it (they forgot their first move, all the other moves moved up a space). I've tried catching more Carvanha and couldn't replicate the issue. I don't know why it happened. It might have something to do with me encountering a Morelull and getting Strength Sapped at some point beforehand.
  5. Thanks for the answer to my previous question! Yeah, I suppose the Fearow Crest was a bit unbalanced, and that my favorite angry bird can still have its time with the right support. Another question: Is there any chance that fanmade Megas will appear in Rejuvenation? In my understanding, the Rift Pokemon in gameplay terms enemy-only Megas that use a different item. If (for the example with possibly the least amount of extra work) you were to collaborate/get permission from the creators of Pokemon Insurgence, you could potentially put in Megas sprited, abilitied, and statted for that game: Insurgence Mega List: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Mega_Evolution#Unofficial
  6. Are the properties granted by the Crests going to be changed further, or set with each version from now on? For example, I saw how good the Fearow Crest was in V11, and I bred a 31/31/31/x/31/31 Fearow (or something similar) for the purposes of using it. In V12, Fearow Crest got what I would consider a considerable nerf: it's only active after the opponent has taken damage, and that takes Fearow's ability to be a sweeper down. If powerful Crests are going to be nerfed, I'd like there to be some sort of cutoff where the Crests released X versions ago won't be altered anymore, but now that I'm typing it out I feel like that's just me being a greedy Intense-mode player who's more power-hungry than Griselda herself. On the other hand, the Dedenne Crest is an example of an item that's just plain awful. The only thing that Dedenne's got going for it in terms of stats is its speed, and merging its Speed and Attack gives it a mediocre Attack and a mediocre Speed stat. It's the one Crest I've seen that looks like it would hurt the Pokemon in almost every usage role. I'd rather it have any beneficial item were I going to use it.
  7. TM59 Incinerate lists Magcargo as "NOT ABLE" despite the fact that Magcargo learns the move by level up. I tested this after seeing the aforementioned TM be incompatible with numerous other Pokemon that can learn it in the main series games. I believe the TM is bugged in general.
  8. So, not sure if anyone's brought this up yet, but between the diving aspect of this chapter and the shape of that glitchy sprite, I wonder if we'll be meeting a Rift Dhelmise. That glitchy thing looks a bit like an anchor made of bones.
  9. If they did ever feel like adding new Mega Evolutions, they could try to get permission from the people who made Insurgence. See here: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Mega_Evolution#Unofficial for a list of Insurgence megas. I don't know if it would be easier/harder than making new ones entirely, but the sprites and designs are already there.
  10. I think I saw one in the second area of Carotos, specifically to the east of the elevator to the Madelis mansion (not sure if it makes any difference, I was also on volcanic tile instead of building tile). I was hunting for one so I could get an item from it. Super rare, though, caught multiple shinies before I gave up since I couldn't find another.
  11. This should be the right file: Game.rxdata I started a new game for a Nuzlocke and saw the Anju event, so now I don't feel like this would be too cheaty for me. Thanks!
  12. I checked the Lost and Found and nothing was there. I'm in V11 patch 3 and there's no items in there at all. I missed the pendant, so it should've been there.
  13. So, it seems that something I never found was an instance where I could battle the Rift Gyarados again and receive the Buginium Z from Crawli. I assume this wasn't added in V11 since I saw a post from before December talking about it. What do I need to do to trigger that event? Right now, I've cleared everything in V11, so have I progressed the story too far and missed the Buginium Z permanently?
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