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  1. thanks a lot! sorry i'm an idiot
  2. Hi everyone , i'm having a lttle issue (i think that i not the good topic section but i can't find the one to ask for help) So i'm just out of the water treatement center and went back up to where solaris, fern, etc.. are waiting for us. my problem is all o my main team is lvl 75/76 (with the level cap of 75) an so i nee to get some common candy, but i'm stuck in a loop where as soon as i lose against solaris i'm getting tp to the healing system just above which offer no way out but the way which trigger the cinematic an the three battles. i tried everything but i can't beat them with pokemon who are past level caps and the pokemon i'm training are lvl 60 apprx, so.. the loop is really long and i tried already like twenty times to beat them with every combination i can think of but nothing does it , i need common candys, an i can't get any. Can any of you think of a way i can exit the loop? thank you for your attention and good day
  3. Hi everyone, i'm stuck and i'm not sure but i think there's a bug from what i understood of what i'm supposed to do.. So i just met blake with shelly and he just left the room, shelly didn't move or anything and just say "there has to be something , somewhere that can lead us to her.." the problem is that i can't interract with anything in the room i tried every pixel that i can click on and nothing respond, is this normal or is this a bug ? thx for the response! Sorry my mistake i just had to go out of the building..
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