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  1. Pre battle: Fight me, Jonathan gave me some pokemon! Format: Singles Field: None Ace Trainer Gabriel 5 NIDOKING,35,SITRUSBERRY,BULLDOSE,POISONJAB,PROTECT,HORNATTACK,0,M,0,False,ADAMENT,31,70,POISONKING,false,,,0,252,252,0,4,0 LAMPENT,35,ROCKYHELMET,HEX,WILL-O-WISP,SHADOWBALL,ENERGYBALL,1,M,0,False,MODEST,31,69,WAMBU,false,,,0,0,0,252,252,4 STARAPTOR,35,SHARPBEAK,CLOSECOMBAT,BRAVEBIRD,FLY,GUST,0,F,0,False,ADAMANT,29,68,RAPTOR,false,,,0,252,0,0,4,252 GALLADE,37,GALLADEITE,NIGHTSLASH,LEAFBLADE,CLOSECOMBAT,PSYCHOCUT,1,M,0,True,JOLLY,30,70,PSYCHO,false,,,0,252,252,0,0,4 SHELGON,32,EVIOLITE,DRAGONCLAW,CRUNCH,DRAGONDANCE,EMBER,1,M,FALSE,ADAMANT,26,173,DRACOBACON,FALSE,,,0,252,0,252,4,0 Trainer Defeat Quote: Jonathan you said i could beat (insert player name here)!
  2. What people can be recruited with the party system? im trying to find a list of them

  3. Ame does pickup work diffrently in reborn, if so how is it diffrent?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dragonslayer7500


      is the chance for it to happen lower?

    3. Chimpnology


      havent the slightest. i assume its the same.

    4. Amethyst


      the chance should be unchanged

  4. The randomizer is off but its broken and its still on, how do i fix it?
  5. amethyst can i ask you something? will v19 of reborn be the final version of reborn?

    1. seki108


      Yes, she's confirmed.  She's working on the post-game right now.

    2. Dragonslayer7500
    3. seki108


      You can check the development blog for updates regularly, though it will be a good while before it's done.

  6. Jan i cant wait util v13 comes out, which brought up a question in my mind whic btw is v12 spoiler, will anyone make a reapperence besides the puppet master, a simple yes or no will work Also take protag 5(the one with white hair) and erins sprites and they look quite similar
  7. Just as a fun question, the only gyms left are fairy dark steel and dragon right?
  8. Spoiler for v12 but...what does dafuaxs ability temporil shift do?
  9. Im asking this to all the devs just for fun, whats your favorite pokemon type?
  10. I love the crest system jan. its give some pokemon better chances to be used. so im wondering if were going to get more?
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