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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to rebuild my team for E19 and kind of want to incorporate field effects/weather. I'm thinking about a sun team - main reason I chose sun is because of how spammable Heat Wave can be in doubles. The idea is to have a team that can work well in both singles and doubles formats. Here's the team! Ninetales @ Heat Rock Timid Nature, Drought 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP - Heat Wave - Nasty Plot - Solar Beam - Hidden Power Ice My mandatory sun setter. I could use Torkoal for more utility (eg Rapid Spin to get rid of hazards) and originally wanted Charizard-Y for extra Flying-type coverage and better overall stats, but the Megastone isn't available. Naganadel @ Dragonium Z Timid Nature, Beast Boost 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 SpD - Sludge Wave - Draco Meteor - Heat Wave - Nasty Plot My main nuke. Not sure how useful Nasty Plot is in doubles however. Blaziken @ Life Orb Adamant Nature, Speed Boost 252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP - Flare Blitz - Protect - High Jump Kick / Low Kick??? - Rock Slide Protect is for getting Speed Boosts and in case I'm on the field the same time as Rotom. Rock Slide is preferred over Stone Edge in case of double battles. HJK is for Rock-types that resist sun-boosted Flare Blitz, though I suppose Low Kick could be used too since most Rock-types are heavy. Altaria @ Altarianite Timid nature, Natural Cure --> Pixilate 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 SpD - Roost - Defog/Heal Bell??? - Hyper Voice - Heat Wave Altaria is my second answer to opposing Dragon-types alongside Naganadel, as Dragons resist fire and most carry Earthquake as coverage. Not sure if a special set running Heat Wave is better or a physical set that can boost with DD is better, though the physical set will likely run Earthquake and most of my team is weak to it in doubles. Defog is to get rid of hazards, especially Stealth Rock, and Heal Bell could be used if I run Discharge on Rotom in case I status my own team. Rotom-H @ Choice Specs Modest nature, Levitate 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP - Overheat - Hidden Power Ice - Volt Switch - Discharge Specs Rotom is my pivot. Discharge is for doubles, but I'm not sure if I should run it since it can only safely use it if paired with Blaziken. Roserade @ Choice Scarf Timid nature, Technician 252 SpA/252 Spe/6 SpD - Solar Beam - Weather Ball - Hidden Power Rock/Ground - Sludge Bomb Didn't really know what to put in my last spot. Besides the aforementioned moves, Grassy Terrain, combined with other members' Heat Waves, can make the Burning Field to boost Fire attacks even more. Additionally, I could run Spikes/Toxic Spikes to rack up more damage. The above moveset acts both as a revenge killer and my answer to bulky Waters, Rocks and Grounds - STAB Grass attacks decimates most of that. Other options for team members: Volcarona: excellent stats, has access to Quiver Dance, but 4x weak to Stealth Rock. Bug-type coverage can also be quite underwhelming. Typhlosion: acceptable Speed and has access to Eruption to do lots of damage. Overlapping coverage is definitely an issue however. Darmanitan: another physical attacker with access to U-turn for pivoting. Venusaur: Chlorophyll and Growth can make it pretty threatening, but is otherwise quite underwhelming offensively. Nidoking: Sun weakens incoming Water-type attacks and Earth Power is a good way to deal with opposing Fire types. Also means Earthquake isn't necessary, as only Blaziken and Rotom-H can take an Earthquake in a doubles format. Can also function quite well outside of sun but the Poison typing seems to overlap with Roserade and Naganadel. What are your thoughts? Looking forward to any comments!
  2. Nevermind, I found the problem - I had a Seaking on my team before and after confronting Amaria and Titania at Fiore Mansion I was able to follow them down and use Waterfall. That must have triggered some story event.
  3. Hey @Abyssreaper99 thanks for the quick reply! Posted in the original post.
  4. So I just beat Blake at the peak of Ametrine Mountain, and returned to Agate Circus/Big Top to fight Terra. I saved before talking to Samson, and when the dialogue is over, I know I'm supposed to see Samson and Ciel still in the room to give me access to the glitch world. Unfortunately, after I click Enter (shown by the first screenshot), they both disappear. I tried interacting with the computer, with the empty spaces where they used to be, and walking in and out of the room, but no luck. Game.rxdata