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  1. Destrakon

    stuck behind espurr

    Each you save a back-up is created. When was your last save before getting stucked? Use this, it may help you.
  2. Destrakon

    stuck behind espurr

    Do you have Fly? If so, you can use it. Another option is to use an older save file.
  3. Destrakon

    Forest Restoration

    Kakori Village
  4. Destrakon

    Changing a pokemon's ball

    Oh. you're right, curiously, I'm using such mod actually.
  5. Destrakon

    Litten is dare I say..LIT

    It all comes to tastes. For me, there's no doubt that the best Fire Type Starter is Blaziken hahahaha, Joke. Is not, It is Charizard. Having balanced stats and a decent speed. If from far the best partner one can ever get. Access to two Mega Evolutions, X and Y. Y, while being lower in Atk. has a great Sp. Atk, and it hits really hard on Sun weather, which is summoned by its ability. As for X, I love it, finally earning the so-wished Dragon Type, Dragon Claw and Flare Blitz are threatful alongside Tough Claws, this while not boosting them with Dragon Dance, acces to Thunderpunch to surprise water type. Earthquake, Brick Break, and many other usabel moves. This in-game, while in animated series, be it Movie, Ovas, Origins, Especials and the anime itself. I haven't seen another pokemon able to face Legendary Pokemon (Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, Articuno, Entei) by itself as well many others Mega Evolved pokemon and being victorious. Also, participant in many other main battles (Blaziken, Greninja) Maybe I'm overated it, but it's my favorite since I was child. Probably is guilty for my like to play pokemon games. But that's it. I'm not saying Incineroar or Blaziken are bad, no. they're really good, I run then in several playthough I have. But Charizard takes the spot. EDIT: I guess I slipped off the topic, sorry.
  6. Indeed Weavile is better that M-Absol. As for the Mega, yeah Mega Gardevoir sounds good. YOu could also try Mega Garchomp, but you have already a Dragon., Another one would be Mega Venusaur, with same moveset plus, resisting 2 of its 4 weakness, bulkier and hard to kill. And, for the record, Volt Switch is available as a TM, os Manectric could be useful too.
  7. Destrakon

    Any one want to fight???

    I am. Pm me when you're available. I'll be connected for the next few hours.
  8. I really like your team, but if you don't mind, I would made some changes on it, adding some pokemon on rotation. Incineroar is wild when it comes to outspeed something, so it should stay (Especially with Choice Band). Here are some suggestions from me: Dragonite: Similiar on how Flygon use; Dragonite gains Stab from Fly, access to Dragon Dance, and Claw as well to Outrage, the news would be Earthquake, But I do replace it with Bulldoze, which, low in base power is really helpful lowering Spd by -1. Multiscale secures Dragon Dance, and holding life orb, all these supported by Aurora Veil. I must say Dragonite is a beast. I always says Dark-Type is a must on every team, but that's my personal opinion. I could add Mega-Absol to your team, Sucker Punch/Knock Off/Superpower/Anything eelse. I tried and it comes really good agaisnt E18 Battles. (Magic Bouncing Sticky Web) High Spd and Atk, but way too fragile, still goood. Choice Band Metagross hits really hard, Bullet Punch/Meteor Mash/Zen Headbutt/Hammer Arm or Brick Break. This alongside Aurora Veil rocks. Venusaur, I really like it. Much like stalling and hard to kill. Leech Seed/Toxic/Venoshock/Giga Drain holding Black Sludge. Well as mostly peopel said. Stab moves are needed, Flash Cannon on Empoleon and Poison Jab on Scolipede.
  9. Destrakon

    Eevee Rate.

    I just wanted to see if I'm just really lucky, or does Eevee has an average shiny rate when hatched? I breed 3 from like 10 eggs.. Just wanted to share this, Thanks.
  10. Destrakon

    How to set in game time?

    You're welcome, glad to help you.
  11. Destrakon

    How to set in game time?

    Rockruff must have Own Tempo ability in order to evolve to Dusk Form, such Rockruff is obtainable by trading another Rockruff with a woman at Ocenia Pier. Also, evolve it between 17:00-18:00 hours.
  12. Destrakon

    Lost Sector Located

    Hello, glad to have you here fellow Caribean! (I'm from Venezuela). I hope you enjoy your stay here and the community, which, indeed, as you say, very friendly. Ask for help if you need it, we'll glad to help you. Enjoy!
  13. Destrakon


    Move Tutor exist in-game, though not for Ancient Power. Piloswine learn it by just evolving from Swinub. If your Piloswine did not learnt it. Try to go to move re-learner at Onyx Ward, by the cost of one Heart Scale.
  14. Destrakon

    Mystery Egg Gastly for a Togepi?

    i'll send it now.
  15. Destrakon

    Mystery Egg Gastly for a Togepi?

    Does Ivs, Evs, Nature and gender matter to you? I could trade you one.
  16. Destrakon


    Evolve Piloswine while it knows Ancient Power.
  17. Destrakon

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    BAM I summon Amethyst Zero16. EDIT: I was too slow, Lorisaur.
  18. Destrakon

    Changing a pokemon's ball

    Weather so far can be changed by a mod, and by changing your Pc time. As for the pokeball, and shinies and Ivs, Is not possible, unless you cheat
  19. Destrakon

    LF larvitar (Male 6 iv 31)

    No worries, sorry for not being of too much help.
  20. Destrakon


    Phanpy: Goldenleaf Town, Odd Pass, Safari Zone Maybe it has very low chance of appearing??
  21. CAKEEEEEE!!!


    1. SilverHelio


      Much agreed. CAKEEEEEEEEE! 🍰 🎂 🥞 🍰

    2. Candy


      sweet goodness, I approve 🍭

      @SilverHelio have some too~

    3. Q-Jei


      🎂 + 🍫 = Best possible combination 😄

  22. Destrakon

    LF larvitar (Male 6 iv 31)

    It will take a lot to breed one like that, at least for me.. I do have some shinies, but they're regular ones.
  23. Destrakon

    How can Angie be defeated?

    Mmm, pretty sure some Dark type shoulb be useful. Drapion with Night Slash helped me to overcome Angie.
  24. Destrakon

    LF ditto(at least 1 iv 31)

    There's one Ditto available in-game if you don't have it yet. Unfortanetly, I only have one. Use this. F3 + word "ditto" = location.