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  1. Feeling watching anime. Would someone suggest me one of good ones? It could be ongoing or finished. Thanks in advance.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Wolfox


      Konosuba, overlord, jjba series... 

    3. PESH1


      A place further than the universe

    4. AquaMacaw


      Rising of the Shield Hero

  2. It would be either Coral Ward, or Fiore Mansion.
  3. Ok, I'll send it now. My Internet is going down and up, so I may lost connection between trade.
  4. I forgot to mention that Gible is in an Ultra Ball. It is ok to you?
  5. I would trade you both, I'll just have to breed which is only one minute. What is your ID?
  6. Destrakon


    For further references, post issues like this in this thread, I could help, but unfortunately, I don't know how to, sorry.
  7. Finishing with Z-Moves won't give you EXP Points, why? I don't really know, sorry. As for Samson case, I don't know what happened there.. sorry, it could be maybe a bug.
  8. i know u would help me pls

  9. pls help me here i need help in dnlow ep 18

    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      What parts are you having trouble with?

    2. Candy



      Just press one of the Mirrors should start your download?

  10. Just post your Game.rxdata here and maybe someone could fix it, unfortunatley, I don't know how to, sorry.
  11. It doesn't, but you may download all animated sprites for every pokemon, and paste them on the proper folder. I don't know what would happen though..
  12. I apologize, I didn't even know how I came to confuse me with Rajuevenation Sylveon.. which actually learns Calm Mind.
  13. Alola Ninetales is definetly an option to take in my opinion. Snow Warning ability along with Aurora Veil holding Light Clay. Honchcrow has proved me to be useful too, Moxie and Sucker Punch. You can also try to use that Eevee in something like Sylveon or Umbreom. Sylveon with Calm Mind, Pixilate and Hyper Voice and Shadow Ball are good. Umbreom is a great staller if well EV trained. Toxic/Moonlight/Foul Play/Protect.
  14. Charizard got my attention, from that on, I follow Pokemon, watching the animated series. My first game, was, rarely, Diamond. I really love, and later I realized Platinum was in my hands. The best core games of Pokemon, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, in my opinion.
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