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  1. Feeling watching anime. Would someone suggest me one of good ones? It could be ongoing or finished. Thanks in advance.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Wolfox


      Konosuba, overlord, jjba series... 

    3. PESH1


      A place further than the universe

    4. AquaMacaw


      Rising of the Shield Hero

  2. Finishing with Z-Moves won't give you EXP Points, why? I don't really know, sorry. As for Samson case, I don't know what happened there.. sorry, it could be maybe a bug.
  3. i know u would help me pls

  4. pls help me here i need help in dnlow ep 18

    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      What parts are you having trouble with?

    2. Candy



      Just press one of the Mirrors should start your download?

  5. Charizard got my attention, from that on, I follow Pokemon, watching the animated series. My first game, was, rarely, Diamond. I really love, and later I realized Platinum was in my hands. The best core games of Pokemon, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, in my opinion.
  6. Think about a whole country without electric service, for around 5-6 days.. What do you think will happen?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. doombotmecha


      Oh, I was more thinking about the US.


      In which case the President would most definitely be out of the country, if something bad was going to happen nationwide.

    3. Vinnie


      I appreciate that, I'm not a fan of politics these days. 


      Anyways, I can't say what will happen, aside from the fact that it won't be good and hopefully those people get power back soon. 

    4. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      I'm just thinking about the food issues.

      Plus, I hope it would not be winter.

  7. Shade




  8. I'm back from Darkness, literally.

  9. I'd just spoiled me watching Dante vs Urizen, and Nero vs Vergil from DMC5.. Epic. Too bad I can't gat my hands on the game :c..yet. I'll do, someday.

  10. Enter the cave by its normal entrance, west of Honec Woods, once you enter Anabel will be waiting for you, then you must go to such fence.
  11. You're not, I do too, like 10 times in a day? lol
  12. Nah, I guess it is better the normal way. E19 at 52%!! We're halfway to-go!
  13. If you would mind posting your pokemon moveset, I could give you some tips more than Lorisaur gave you. Or you can use Lorisaur's instead, it should work
  14. That will work, but remember, once Toxic Spikes out, Fern surely bring his Roserade, so bye bye Toxic Spike since they get absorbed.. I can say Sticky Web is overall better, because you'll battle Soalris and a Orderly just after. Sticky Web will help you to reduce opponents Speed, especially Garchomp..
  15. Have anyone tasted quesillo?🍮



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