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  1. Destrakon

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    Agreed. She goes devil mode when it comes to puzzles. Ame if you're reading this please, make easy.
  2. Try turning them into Blue?. It should work.
  3. Destrakon

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    Wh- Wait, what!? IS THIS GOING DOWN!?
  4. Destrakon

    Episode 18

    There's no guide to sidequest as far as I know. But check the wiki of Reborn, it should help you.
  5. Destrakon

    Episode 18

    For pokemon: For items.
  6. Destrakon

    Current team opinions (after beating Radomus)

    Meowstic works well as a screen user holding Light Clay, plus, competitive can be useful when one of its stats are lowered. For the other hand, Alakazam is really fast and got a huge Sp. Atk. But it's to fragile on Def. I see Reniclus as another Slowbre. Espeon is a great addition too, thought it's the same as Alakazam, fragile. Definitely, for Psychic Type, I would go for Metagross.
  7. Pudding is the best dessert ever.


  8. Destrakon

    Pokemon Word Chain

  9. Destrakon

    Shiny Milotic/Lapras?

    You don't want Lapras?
  10. Destrakon

    Shiny Milotic/Lapras?

    Anything would work. Don't mind it.
  11. Destrakon

    Shiny Milotic/Lapras?

    Online now? Send request if so. My Id is Pudin.
  12. Destrakon


    You're welcome. For further posts/topics, put them where they belong. Rejuv content in Rejuv section. Same as Reborn.
  13. Destrakon

    Where can I get a ditto?

    If you didn't get it at Blacksteam Factory, it should be at 7th Street.
  14. Destrakon


    -If your talking about Reborn: Its after you finish the events at Ametrine City/Agate Circus/ Fiore Mansion and once you've got HM Fly. (It's the same city, just renovated by Adrieen.) -If your're talking about Rejuvenation: Still, after some events finished, and once the train rail is fixed at Route 7, and once the officer let you take the train to West Gearen. (Same city, just renovated)
  15. Destrakon

    Shiny Milotic/Lapras?

    Done, let me know if you still want them.