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  1. When I get close to burning out on a big project I usually start working on a bunch of smaller projects cause it keeps me busy bt still lowers stress. Since i'm kinda new to making AMVs I wanted to show them off here in the hopes of any critique I could get or just having people enjoy some stuff I made so here it is. Song - Remember The Name By: Fort Minor Anime- My Hero Academia --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song - Let The Good Times Roll By: Ben Rector Anime - Dr. Stone --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song - Come Along By: Cosmo Sheldrake Anime - Promised Neverland Hope You Enjoy! If you have any tips, tricks, advice, or critique please let me know. This is a fun hobby for me and I want to get better at it.
  2. First of all sorry this reply took so long I've been out of state for work and I haven't been able to work on it as much as I would have hoped. To answer your questions the difficulty is planned to be overall easier than most fan games coming out right now. Certain side quests and story choices can lead to harder challenges but I dont have a super hard game in mind. Secondly I dont have a progress thread at all planned just because i feel it'll be too inconsistent with just me working on it, I might consider it in the future. But I will have status updates on my profile whenever I make major progress on the game. Hope that helps and thank you for the encouragement.
  3. I forget, but whoever it was that recommended Kimetsu no Yaiba. Thank you! The manga was amazing i'm gonna start watching the anime soon. 

    I'd also like to make my own recommendation of Yakusoku no Neverland (or  The Promised neverland). It's like a psychological adventure thing thats has 

    some really cool creepy demons.

  4. Thanks for the advice trust me I've already experienced plenty of burnout before. If it wasn't for burnout, you might have seen this fangame appearing in your notifications two to three years ago. I'll definetly take your words to heart. I'm looking through the game rn and fixing some of the errors you talked about. If it's not too much of a hassle if you remember when and where some of these glitches happened please let me know (especially the NPCs walking thru the MC) and I should have an updated version in a day or two. Thanks for playing.
  5. This version only goes as far as the first gym at the moment. Thanks for reminding me about that I updated the post with that information. When it gets around to the 4th gym and beyond I hope you enjoy your time with it.
  6. Pokemon Unbreakable V.0 of the game is out you can find the download in the fangame expose.
  7. Pokemon Unbreakable This first official release of the adventure is here! -===============================================================================================- STORY: -===============================================================================================- Features: -===============================================================================================- Screenshots: -===============================================================================================- Download: This version only goes as far as the first badge. MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!mds3CIyb!53n83Yj8DnXFwHY3IDqjag Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MSkRnxtJpeEfAmbo0NrczYhy4A5M_q3x *If you played the DEMO make sure to start a new game* -===============================================================================================- Bugs/Glitches: I am currently the only one working on the game so there are bound to be mistakes or things that I have missed, not an excuse but an explanation. So please report any bugs, imperfections, and glitches you find. Below are some known problems: - -BGM not starting in one or two buildings. -Screen flashes and the intro only cover a fourth of the screen on Large or full screen size. -The Date on your Trainer Card is sorta... smushed. -===============================================================================================- Help: If you would like to help with the development of Pokemon Unbreakable in the future, especially with sprite work or scripting. I would be very grateful for you're assistance. Either send me a private message here or email me at theAquaMacaw@gmail.com. -===============================================================================================- Credits:
  8. I made my own Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer....
  9. I'm using version 17.2 as well, im not using any scripts from reborn, I am using some custom scripts that effect the Pokemon contests but i've had this flash effect problem since before I added those. and no the map isn't connected to any other map. I might try adding all my data and stuff to a new unzipped Pokemon essentials and see if that works.
  10. Thanks this helped a lot, sucks that there might not be away to fix the flash issue guess i'll just have to work my way around it.
  11. 1. During a couple of events, I use the Screen Flash effect and it works just fine when the game window is small or medium size, the problem comes up when I switch to a large screen size and then the flash effect only appears in the top left of the screen. Its distracting and I need to know if there is a way to make it scale to proper size. 2. This one is simpler, I want to know how to make an item do the same thing as an Ice gem in the scripts. The Item is defined in the PBS files, but I don't know where in the scripts the Gems are all defined. Thanks for any help and if you need clarification just ask ( first time trying to explain a problem like this. )
  12. Oh dont worry I know its the worst I just thought the summons looked cool as a kid.
  13. So I woke up two days ago and remembered how I used to waste time when I was a kid. And decided to try doing it now as well when I looked online I was surprised to see that Wizard 101 is still up and running while some of the other mmos I played arent like 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'Toon Town'. Is was a massive nostalgia bomb playing through the tutorial, and I actually still found it fun actually playing the game makes sense since i'm a sucker for turn-based strategy games. And card summoning is just icing on the cake. I always played as the myth class wizard because you could summon GREEK MONSTERS and NINJA PIGS it was awesome. I mostly made this topic to see if anyone else has has nostalgia with this game or maybe i'm just weird and if you have any stories about the game feel free to share em'.
  14. Hey Jan big fan of your work hope you keep it up! I just wanted to make a quick request, so I began working on my own Pokemon fangame awhile ago and I am using a couple of slightly changed sprites as placeholders (with credit of course). At first I planned to use them all as just recolored placeholders but I actually completely fell in love with the design of one of characters, namely this changed Saki sprite. If possible I would prefer to keep this the same and in the final game, but I would like to get your permission before I make the final decision. Or if you would want me to change it a little more to make it look a little different either way i'd want to here your opinion.


    Thanks for your time! 😁


    1. Jan


      I don't mind! Go 4 it.

    2. AquaMacaw


      Thanx big time!

  15. This happened to me a couple times, my guess is that it has something to do with the script for Pokemon requiring the shape value. I just copied and pasted the same shape for every 6th and 7th generation Pokemon. As far as I now (and i've looked) there's no way to get back deleted info from pbs besides manually putting it back in. Sorry...
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