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  1. Uno Yatogami

    Rejuvenation Tutors (Updated to V11)

    @lolokxd You can also get the pledge moves in Akuwa Town once the town has repopulated.
  2. Yeah, they have a chance of holding a razor fang.
  3. Go to this spot here, and you can surf up to the mudkip. Note: It actually took me a while to figure this out.
  4. Uno Yatogami

    Reaper cloth

    Nope. Only way to get it is to get strength. And even if you have the golden item, you'd still need the hm in your bag for you to use it.
  5. First: Any bit of grass is fine. As long as it's around 5 - 6pm. Second: It has to be after the incident (I.E. after you've faced rift gyarados, yes.). Third: Your game needs to be patched in order to get Duskroc. Patch is included in the main post here. As for the trade, i'm not sure what needs to be done. (Maybe go through the plot for a bit? Again, ain't too sure.) Either way, she'll be there at some point, so only thing I can suggest is to go back to check every now and then.
  6. So, this happens whenever I load up the location of a pokemon in the dex. Any ideas as to what happened with this? (Btw, I did have the patch before this thing occured.)
  7. This woman here has the rockruff trade. You just need a rockruff to exchange and that'll do it.
  8. It's available in the patch in Goldenwood Forest (after the incident) around the time you evolve the rockruff. You can also get a hidden ability rockruff by trading with someone at Oceana Pier.