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  1. Hi! There was a missing B in Turboblaze in the Disguise code in PokeBattle_Move. Here is code and surroundings, as helpful as it may be. elsif opponent.effects[PBEffects::Disguise] && (!attacker || attacker.index!=opponent.index) && opponent.effects[PBEffects::Substitute]<=0 && opponent.damagestate.typemod!=0 && !attacker.hasWorkingAbility(:MOLDBREAKER) && !attacker.hasWorkingAbility(:TERAVOLT) && !attacker.hasWorkingAbility(:TURBOBLAZE) @battle.scene.pbDamageAnimation(opponent,0) opponent.pbBreakDisguise @battle.pbDisplayPaused(_INTL("{1}'s Disguise was busted!",opponent.name)) opponent.effects[PBEffects::Disguise]=false damage=0 else
  2. I had to separate the Alt Dex into multiple posts. It was getting difficult to edit in new information with it all in one. That post now links to the posts with that gen's new Alt Forms. A King K. Rool styled Shiny Pirate Krook sounds good! Gotta go with classic pirates for the normals, I think. Alt Dex pages are now updated for v0.5.10, and the first post has accepted the edits with the new links and information. So that's sorted! Looks like I'll be doing a v0.5.11 before v0.6, which will contain a few more forms and sprites.
  3. Hi! There were more bugs and some new sprites, so here's another update that includes some new forms and tweaks with the bug fixes and new sprites. v0.5.10 New Forms Icicle Abra, Icicle Kadabra, Icicle Alakazam, Mega Icicle Alakazam Pirate Sandile, Pirate Krokorok, Pirate Krookodile, Bubble Solosis, Bubble Duosion, Bubble Reuniclus, Toxic Eelektrik, Toxic Eelektross, Electric Litwick, Electric Lampent, Electric Chandelure Meadow Dedenne, Stinging Goomy, Stinging Sliggoo, Stinging Goodra New Sprites Flame Slowbro, Shiny Flame Slowbro, Mega Flame Slowbro, Shiny Mega Flame Slowbro Flame Slowking, Shiny Flame Slowking Electric Litwick, Electric Lampent, Electric Chandelure Leafy Skrelp, Shiny Leafy Skrelp, Leafy Dragalge, Shiny Leafy Dragalge Meadow Dedenne, Shiny Meadow Dedenne Splash Solosis, Shiny Splash Solosis, Splash Duosion, Shiny Splash Duosion, Splash Reuniclus, Shiny Splash Reuniclus Sandy Castform Tweaks Mind Noctowl now has Analytic instead of Insomnia, and Tinted Lens returns as its Hidden Ability. (or just Ability #3 in Reborn) Pixie Drapion has had a base stat redistribution: it now has a little less Special Attack and Speed, and a bit more Special Defense. Stone Torterra has also had a base stat redistribution to better reflect its design: a little less Special Attack and Speed, and a little more Defense and Special Defense. Toxic (or Plague) Aromatisse now has the Ability Triage instead of Healer. Bug Fixes Mud Poliwag can now be acquired by breeding using an Earth Plate, and normal Poliwag by breeding a Mud Poliwag using a Splash Plate. (This was meant to be included in v0.5.9) Defossilising Tyrunt via breeding now correctly uses Dread Plate, not Draco Plate. EV yields were corrected for Alternate Forms with Base Stat changes: Beedrill, Electabuzz, Dragonite, Meganium, Girafarig, Dunsparce, Torterra, Carnivine, Samurott, Mienfoo, Mienshao, Durant and Rhybombee now reward EVs appropriate to their stat distribution. I've found I can generally avoid serious pain if I keep two nights between sessions on the PC, besides the times it gets painful for no apparent reason, so development continues. I'm out of time to finish updating the thread, though, so for the new forms not in the Info Pages: Toxic Eelektrik is via Toxic Plate + Level Up. Eelektross as normal from there. Electric Litwick line can be gained via Zap Plate + breeding or Zap Plate + Level Up Litwick into Lampent. Meadow Dedenne is via Meadow Plate + breeding. Stinging Goomy line can be gained with Toxic Plate + breeding or Toxic Plate + Level Up Goomy. I'll finish updating the Info Pages on Monday. Edit: First post not updating when edited, maybe this one will? Here's links: Main (V0.5.10) (516.0 MB, .zip) https://mega.nz/#!z2whnQJZ!qnf_Dm-VJLa7Ath7kQ9QJ4481j_YF6TwPVAjCjXJ2eo (Mega Upload) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TIcq_LiM8jdkSFz6Z6TyteGLJKZX7zSt (Google Drive) Patch (V0.5.10) (33.1 MB, .zip) https://mega.nz/#!a7olTaSA!bSjOUo2hTaGA7dIFC_mOfLIPLt7f0t-IPlYc5W2RRos (Mega Upload) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HQ647LrkkMnfNLdXmJQjXZh-BuiF8P5O (Google Drive)
  4. Hi! Sprites and bug fix update! Notes below! v0.5.9.1 New Sprites Shiny Storm Dragonite All the Dunsparce, Shiny All the Dunsparce Draco Ampharos, Shiny Draco Ampharos, Mega Draco Ampharos, Shiny Mega Draco Ampharos Sky Sceptile, Shiny Sky Sceptile, Mega Sky Sceptile, Shiny Mega Sky Sceptile Tweaks Storm Dragonite now has Lightning Rod instead of Rain Dish. Bug Fixes Clefable now has Cursed Body instead of Unaware, matching Clefairy The Dunsparces, Flame Slowbro and Flame Slowking now have the correct level-up moves. Defossilised Kabuto now has Scratch at level 5, and not an extra instance of Absorb. Now back to working towards v0.6! Let me know if there's any more bugs!
  5. Thanks! I'll update the Alt Dex with the correct information! There are no changes to its TM/MT/Egg moves. It gets Extrasensory on Level Up, though. It's almost as good as Psychic, and you can look forward to that lategame upgrade to peak its power!
  6. Alternate Form Pokédex (4 of 4) #650 - #721 (Generation VI) #722 - #809 (Generation VII)
  7. Alternate Form Pokédex (3 of 4) #494 - #649 (Generation V)
  8. Alternate Form Pokédex (2 of 4) #252 - #386 (Generation III) #387 - #493 (Generation IV)
  9. Alternate Form Pokédex (1 of 4) #001 - #151 (Generation I) #152 - #251 (Generation II)
  10. NPC & Event Guide Plates Throughout Reborn there are others who know the ancient secrets of the Arceus Plates. These Platers, as they are called, will give you an Arceus Plate from their collection if you can prove yourself in battle. Their locations and rewards are listed below. Eevee There is a powerful Pokémon in Reborn. One capable of reaching legendary levels of power! Prove the strength of your mind and heart to earn one of your own. Event locations are listed below. Partner Eevee Move Tutor Locations Pikachu Another Pokémon possessed with mysterious power exists in Reborn. It is said that one-in-a-million of this species will have strength and abilities beyond that of its peers. The path to it is listed below. Partner Pikachu Move Tutor locations ??? Deep within the Glitch World lies a reference to a meme of a social experiment gone viral. Within that meme lies a reference to a meme of mysterious origins. Whence came it? Only the scholars know. Follow this clue if you seek power, but do not use it lightly or you may spoil your run.
  11. Please pardon my spam while I separate the Alt Forms info post into multiple posts to make updating easier.

  12. Hi! Some bugs were brought to my attention, so I went ahead and added the currently coded (and some sprites) for content that was planned for v0.6. I've also updated the sprite status spreadsheet with preliminary placeholders for sprites for upcoming forms, but I've spent a bit too long on the computer today and won't be able to continue updating the spreadsheet or the Alt Dex post until later in the week. In the meantime, here's the notes: v0.5.9 New Forms Flame Slowpoke, Flame Slowbro, Mega Flame Slowbro, Flame Slowking Storm Dragonite Toxic Dunsparce, Earth Dunsparce, Sky Dunsparce, Insect Dunsparce, Spooky Dunsparce, Draco Dunsparce Snow Buneary, Snow Lopunny, Mega Snow Lopunny Flame Mienfoo, Flame Mienshao Leafy Skrelp, Leafy Dragalge New Sprites Flame Slowpoke (front only), Storm Dragonite Snow Lopunny, Mega Snow Lopunny Flame Mienshao Tweaks Defossilised and Alolan Pokémon can now be acquired by breeding their other forms with Plates! List below! Bug Fixes Partner Pikachu can no longer evolve if it knows any of the Partner Pikachu exclusive moves: Zippy Zap, Floaty Fall, Splishy Splash, Pika Papow. It can still evolve as normal into Raichu or Alolan Raichu. Partner Pikachu and Partner Eevee can no longer breed, with each other or otherwise. Defossilised Pokémon will no longer eat held items when evolving. ...and some notes! Flame Slowpoke is acquired by breeding for a Slowpoke egg while the main parent holds a Flame Plate. Flame Slowbro and Slowking both evolve normally from there. Storm Dragonite is acquired by evolving a Dragonair via level while it holds a Zap Plate. The Dunsparce forms are acquired by breeding for a Dunsparce egg while the main parent holds the relevant Plate: Toxic, Earth, Sky, Insect, Spooky or Draco. Earth Dunsparce may also be seen rarely in Grand Stairway B3F! Although it may be hard to tell until there is a sprite... Snow Lopunny is acquired by either breeding for a Buneary egg while the main parent holds an Icicle Plate (for a Snow Buneary), or for a normal Buneary to hold an Icicle Plate while evolving via happiness and level. Flame Mienshao is acquired by either breeding for a Mienfoo egg while the main parent holds a Flame Plate, or for a normal Mienfoo to hold a Flame Plate while evolving via level. Leafy Dragalge is acquired by either breeding for a Skrelp egg while the main parent holds a Meadow Plate, or for a normal Skrelp to hold a Meadow Plate while evolving via level. Have fun and see you later!
  13. Hi! What happens when you try to run Alt Form? Do you get any error messages? EDIT: After checking Discord, the problem seems to have been with the v0.5.8 full version, and has been replaced with an updated v0.5.8.1 zip. You can fix the problem using the patch version and applying it to either the v0.5.8.1 or patching Pokemon Reborn. I've also added a new Game.ini file that renames the game to Pokemon Reborn Altforms for save compatibility - that way you can play Alt Forms without affecting your normal Pokemon Reborn playthrough.
  14. Little update on my health I guess? I can have a physio appointment in October for free or pay to have one sooner... Resting up more doesn't seem to have helped a lot. An hour on a keyboard and mouse and my hand hurts a lot for the rest of the day, however I try to adjust my posture. Currently 8/35 for new alt forms coded, not including sprites. 11 new plate interactions designed but not coded. Yeah! I noticed that even without mining mods it's easy to end up with an excess of Plates. Makes 'em a little exciting to get extras!
  15. They're a mix of sprite edits, recolours and placeholders (of either no change or the shiny sprite swapped for the regular), by myself and others. I'd been working through with a plan of making them all into sprite edits that reflect their new elements in the end, but since my arm/hand started acting up I've decided to shift back to doing coding for v0.6 here and there instead. I'd be happy to add Battle Bond Greninja if there's an available sprite for it, even moreso if there's also some code for the ability laying around... I've found some for Meltan and Melmetal that I'll be using, permission willing, in v0.6. It's probably not going to be too soon. I've received medication for the pain but I have to wait for a physio appointment which may be up to a few months away before I can spend a lot of time on a keyboard and mouse again. Looking to the future of this project, I'm intending to stick to new forms (and Meltan/Melmetal), some more plate interactions and an area or two of additional map content for v0.6, and for v0.7 it will be mostly creating a Pokémon Rejuvenation version of this mod. I'd intended to wrap Altforms up at around this time of year, aside from updating for e19 compatibility, but due to the health-related delays it's taking longer to get it to a state where I'm happy to leave it. But, I gotta try to turn learning programming into money. So after v0.7 it'll likely be a v0.8 to update it for Reborn E19 at some point, and future updates for new Rejuvenation versions, while I get to work on a new project. v0.7 will also include releasing the PBS files and text files containing all the code for the mod if anyone might want to use it as part of their own fangames or mods.
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