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  1. Quick status update: Not having as much PC time lately due to work, so it may be another week or two before I can finish part-coded forms and release a v0.5.12. I had a go at doing a quick bugfix with an older version, but I don't have an old version copy of the PBS (which I've been editing for v0.6), which is stopping it from compiling in RMXP. So I guess Engine Koffing + Weezing won't entirely work properly for now. For a workaround: If you use debug you can set the form to 2 and it'll work mostly correctly - it will be able to use some moves it shouldn't have access to, and you'll have to set it again after evolution. With sandbox mode you should be able to get an Engine Weezing from the Pokémon generating NPC.
  2. The links should be directing you to the appropriate post, where the information is in spoilers in order of generation. I had a lot of trouble getting the links to work consistently before, but I thought I'd fixed it. Are they still playing up for some folks? Kinda! I think Blaze Kick is supposed to be a martial arts kick. All the Pokémon that learn it are also martial arts themed Fighting types. Oops! I set Engine Koffing and Weezing to form 2 in one script to leave room for a future alternate form, but left it as form 1 in the breeding and evolution scripts. I fixed a few more bugs recently but I forgot to note them down, so I'll finish up the coding I've been working on (full species line forms and a few new ones) over the week and try to put out a v0.5.12 around next weekend. Edit: I haven't had a recent try at fixing Plate evolution to only consume the Plate after completing the evolution process - I had a try at it back in v0.2 or v0.3 and couldn't find a clean way to change it - but I've gained a little more experience since then, so I'll see if I can get it to work properly for v0.6. Edit 2: This means that Sun Salamence will no longer be available from v0.5.12, as the replacement is one of the new forms part-coded that I'll finish before uploading a new version. I won't spoil what the new forms are until posting the update, though.
  3. In Reborn, the Mega Evolution forms are in the PokemonMultipleForms script, later in the file than the Alolan Forms and other form changes. It's fairly simple to change them from there. I'm not sure if later Essentials versions have them somewhere else, since I'm to understand Ame and her team added 6th and 7th gen changes independently of the Essentials project and may have done it differently. Also dropping this bombshell early: Sun Salamence is gonna be going. I had to give it a quick nerf already because Solar Power made it pretty much unstoppable. I've tried to find ways to make it interesting and unique, but there doesn't seem to be a good way to make it anything more than Better (Alt) Charizard or Better Turtonator. The concept and design isn't working so well. The good news is that there's a new Alternate Form for the Salamence line coming in the next version, which will be v0.6 and is a while away - probably in time for Christmas, maybe earlier, hopefully not later. So enjoy Sun Salamence while it lasts! Or play Memeforms, coming very soon. Sun Salamence lives on there, where everything is more extreme.
  4. Hi! Krantz found this. In Gen 6, Facade was changed to ignore Burn's Attack reduction effect in addition to doubling in power. This did not appear to be the case in Reborn. Here is code PokeBattle_Move for fixing if it helps, added the little bit at the end of the if. # Burn if attacker.status==PBStatuses::BURN && pbIsPhysical?(type) && !attacker.hasWorkingAbility(:GUTS) && id != PBMoves::FACADE damage=(damage*0.5).round end
  5. Quick bug fix update, no new forms in this one, unless you count the Beldum line working properly. v0.5.11.1 Tweaks Insect Flygon now has Sand Rush instead of Sand Veil. Sun Salamence now has Intimidate instead of Solar Power. Bug Fixes Megas of Flame Slowbro, Sky Sceptile, Sun Salamence, Positron Metagross and Snow Lopunny now change type appropriately. Positron Beldum, Metang and Metagross now correctly have Electric/Psychic typing. Sun Salamence and Positron Metagross now always gain their Mega Ability upon Mega Evolution.
  6. Answered on Discord, but in case anyone else is wondering: Yes! Alt Forms and Sandbox Mode (E18 version) can be installed in either order. Edit: Didn't want to double post. Info posts are now updated with the v0.5.11 forms. Will add references to the new babies and evolution tricks another day.
  7. Quick update for the form types and methods while I slowly update the info posts over a few days, 'cause I won't be around as much for a week. Floral Vulpix: Grass, via Meadow Plate breeding Floral Ninetales: Grass/Psychic, via Floral Vulpix + Leaf Stone Engine Koffing: Poison/Steel, via Iron Plate breeding Engine Weezing: Poison/Steel, via Iron Plate evolution Lava Staryu: Rock/Fire, via Stone Plate & Flame Plate breeding (together, one on each parent) Lava Starmie: Rock/Fire, via Lava Staryu + Fire Stone Smelter Magmar: Fire/Steel, via Magby + Iron Plate evolution Smelter Magmortar: Fire/Steel, evolve Smelter Magmar Spooky Natu: Ghost/Flying, via Spooky Plate breeding Sky Grovyle: Grass/Flying, via Sky Plate evolution Iron Swalot: Poison/Steel, via Iron Plate evolution Positron Beldum: Electric/Psychic, via Zap Plate breeding Positron Metang: Electric/Psychic, via Zap Plate evolution Positron Metagross: Electric/Psychic, via Zap Plate evolution Mega Positron Metagross: Electric/Ghost, via Metagrossite Sun Bagon: Dragon, via Flame Plate breeding (no sprite yet, but can learn Flare Blitz by breeding) Sun Shelgon: Dragon/Fire, via Flame Plate evolution Sun Salamence: Dragon/Fire, via Flame Plate evolution Mega Sun Salamence: Dragon/Fire, via Salamencite Clown Timburr: Fighting/Fairy, via Pixie Plate breeding Clown Gurdurr: Fighting/Fairy, via Pixie Plate evolution Clown Conkeldurr: Fighting/Fairy, via Link Stone or Trade Cybertank Deino: Dragon/Steel, via Iron Plate breeding Cybertank Zweilous: Dragon/Steel, via Iron Plate evolution Cybertank Hydreigon: Dragon/Steel, via Iron Plate evolution Telepathic Deino: Dragon/Psychic, via Mind Plate breeding Telepathic Zweilous: Dragon/Psychic, via Mind Plate evolution Telepathic Hydreigon: Dragon/Psychic, via Mind Plate evolution Thanks! If I'm uploading a new version with bug fixes, then I'm including what I've been working on in the meantime. I like making game stuff, it's fun! I just tend to work on things in compartments. First I'll do the new forms, then I'll do the prevos for old forms, then I'll do plate interactions, then I'll do ... you get the picture. I can code one-handed easily enough. Once I start doing something involving a lot of copy-pasting, though, then I get impatient and start doing it two-handed, which sets my hand off after a short while. I've also been pushing to get some forms in to help Memeforms balance. That's pretty much done now, so once the thread is updated I'll be working more relaxedly at the rest of my list of things I'd like to include in this mod before moving on. Pokémon and Reborn both have had a lot of thought and emotion put into them, and I'd like to reflect that in my weird little exploration of programming, game design and project management. I think that's about all I have time for today, so uh, enjoy the forms!
  8. Hi! An update! New forms, new sprites, bug fixes, big hugs! No more bugs now, yes? Memeforms coming next, v0.6 coming after! Yay! v0.5.11 New Forms Floral Vulpix, Floral Ninetales, Engine Koffing, Engine Weezing, Magma Staryu, Magma Starmie Smelter Magmar, Smelter Magmortar Spooky Natu, Sky Grovyle, Iron Swalot Positron Beldum, Positron Metang, Positron Metagross, Mega Positron Metagross Sun Bagon, Sun Shelgon, Sun Salamence, Mega Sun Salamence Clown Timburr, Clown Gurdurr, Clown Conkeldurr Cybertank Deino, Cybertank Zweilous, Cybertank Hydreigon Telepathic Deino, Telepathic Zweilous, Telepathic Hydreigon New Sprites Floral Vulpix, Shiny Floral Vulpix, Floral Ninetales, Shiny Floral Ninetales, Icicle Abra Engine Koffing Egg, Engine Koffing, Shiny Engine Koffing, Engine Weezing, Shiny Engine Weezing Magma Staryu, Magma Starmie Spooky Natu Egg, Spooky Natu Zap Torchic Egg, Zap Torchic, Iron Swalot (M&F), Shiny Iron Swalot (M&F), Sandy Castform Icicle Empoleon Pirate Sandile Egg, Pirate Sandile, Shiny Pirate Sandile, Pirate Krokorok, Shiny Pirate Krokorok, Pirate Krookodile, Shiny Pirate Krookodile Shiny Normal Munna (M&F), Shiny Normal Musharna (M&F) Cybertank Deino Egg, Cybertank Deino, Shiny Cybertank Deino, Cybertank Zweilous, Shiny Cybertank Zweilous, Cybertank Hydreigon, Shiny Cybertank Hydreigon Telepathic Deino Egg, Telepathic Deino, Shiny Telepathic Deino, Telepathic Zweilous, Shiny Telepathic Zweilous, Telepathic Hydreigon, Shiny Telepathic Hydreigon Meadow Dedenne Egg New Icons Spooky Venusaur, Mega Spooky Venusaur, Partner Pikachu, Spooky Clefairy, Spooky Clefable, Sky Jigglypuff, Sky Wigglytuff, Flame Slowpoke, Flame Slowbro Tweaks Mr. Biggles can now be hugged. Slow Start Infernape with Flame/Fist Plates no longer gains stat boosts that turn if the last move it used was Substitute or Protect. Nosepass can now evolve into Probopass in the Byxbysion Hideout and Gym, and anywhere inside the Abandoned Power Plant. Breeding the following Alternate Form Pokémon now yields a baby that looks normal (for now), but will evolve into said Alternate Form: More Alternate Form Pokémon can now evolve into their normal forms with Plates, enabling some transfer of exclusive moves between forms: Bug Fixes Rhybombee Defense now has the correct amount of defense for an average of Rhyperior and Ribombee. Shedinja and Wormadam no longer reset their forms and Spooky Guard after switching. The Ringmaster should no longer turn invisible during the Samson battle if Indra's sidequest is completed before the gym. Edit: Updating info posts on Monday. Hand hurts too much.
  9. Hi! There was a missing B in Turboblaze in the Disguise code in PokeBattle_Move. Here is code and surroundings, as helpful as it may be. elsif opponent.effects[PBEffects::Disguise] && (!attacker || attacker.index!=opponent.index) && opponent.effects[PBEffects::Substitute]<=0 && opponent.damagestate.typemod!=0 && !attacker.hasWorkingAbility(:MOLDBREAKER) && !attacker.hasWorkingAbility(:TERAVOLT) && !attacker.hasWorkingAbility(:TURBOBLAZE) @battle.scene.pbDamageAnimation(opponent,0) opponent.pbBreakDisguise @battle.pbDisplayPaused(_INTL("{1}'s Disguise was busted!",opponent.name)) opponent.effects[PBEffects::Disguise]=false damage=0 else
  10. I had to separate the Alt Dex into multiple posts. It was getting difficult to edit in new information with it all in one. That post now links to the posts with that gen's new Alt Forms. A King K. Rool styled Shiny Pirate Krook sounds good! Gotta go with classic pirates for the normals, I think. Alt Dex pages are now updated for v0.5.10, and the first post has accepted the edits with the new links and information. So that's sorted! Looks like I'll be doing a v0.5.11 before v0.6, which will contain a few more forms and sprites.
  11. Hi! There were more bugs and some new sprites, so here's another update that includes some new forms and tweaks with the bug fixes and new sprites. v0.5.10 New Forms Icicle Abra, Icicle Kadabra, Icicle Alakazam, Mega Icicle Alakazam Pirate Sandile, Pirate Krokorok, Pirate Krookodile, Bubble Solosis, Bubble Duosion, Bubble Reuniclus, Toxic Eelektrik, Toxic Eelektross, Electric Litwick, Electric Lampent, Electric Chandelure Meadow Dedenne, Stinging Goomy, Stinging Sliggoo, Stinging Goodra New Sprites Flame Slowbro, Shiny Flame Slowbro, Mega Flame Slowbro, Shiny Mega Flame Slowbro Flame Slowking, Shiny Flame Slowking Electric Litwick, Electric Lampent, Electric Chandelure Leafy Skrelp, Shiny Leafy Skrelp, Leafy Dragalge, Shiny Leafy Dragalge Meadow Dedenne, Shiny Meadow Dedenne Splash Solosis, Shiny Splash Solosis, Splash Duosion, Shiny Splash Duosion, Splash Reuniclus, Shiny Splash Reuniclus Sandy Castform Tweaks Mind Noctowl now has Analytic instead of Insomnia, and Tinted Lens returns as its Hidden Ability. (or just Ability #3 in Reborn) Pixie Drapion has had a base stat redistribution: it now has a little less Special Attack and Speed, and a bit more Special Defense. Stone Torterra has also had a base stat redistribution to better reflect its design: a little less Special Attack and Speed, and a little more Defense and Special Defense. Toxic (or Plague) Aromatisse now has the Ability Triage instead of Healer. Bug Fixes Mud Poliwag can now be acquired by breeding using an Earth Plate, and normal Poliwag by breeding a Mud Poliwag using a Splash Plate. (This was meant to be included in v0.5.9) Defossilising Tyrunt via breeding now correctly uses Dread Plate, not Draco Plate. EV yields were corrected for Alternate Forms with Base Stat changes: Beedrill, Electabuzz, Dragonite, Meganium, Girafarig, Dunsparce, Torterra, Carnivine, Samurott, Mienfoo, Mienshao, Durant and Rhybombee now reward EVs appropriate to their stat distribution. I've found I can generally avoid serious pain if I keep two nights between sessions on the PC, besides the times it gets painful for no apparent reason, so development continues. I'm out of time to finish updating the thread, though, so for the new forms not in the Info Pages: Toxic Eelektrik is via Toxic Plate + Level Up. Eelektross as normal from there. Electric Litwick line can be gained via Zap Plate + breeding or Zap Plate + Level Up Litwick into Lampent. Meadow Dedenne is via Meadow Plate + breeding. Stinging Goomy line can be gained with Toxic Plate + breeding or Toxic Plate + Level Up Goomy. I'll finish updating the Info Pages on Monday. Edit: First post not updating when edited, maybe this one will? Here's links: Main (V0.5.10) (516.0 MB, .zip) https://mega.nz/#!z2whnQJZ!qnf_Dm-VJLa7Ath7kQ9QJ4481j_YF6TwPVAjCjXJ2eo (Mega Upload) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TIcq_LiM8jdkSFz6Z6TyteGLJKZX7zSt (Google Drive) Patch (V0.5.10) (33.1 MB, .zip) https://mega.nz/#!a7olTaSA!bSjOUo2hTaGA7dIFC_mOfLIPLt7f0t-IPlYc5W2RRos (Mega Upload) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HQ647LrkkMnfNLdXmJQjXZh-BuiF8P5O (Google Drive)
  12. Hi! Sprites and bug fix update! Notes below! v0.5.9.1 New Sprites Shiny Storm Dragonite All the Dunsparce, Shiny All the Dunsparce Draco Ampharos, Shiny Draco Ampharos, Mega Draco Ampharos, Shiny Mega Draco Ampharos Sky Sceptile, Shiny Sky Sceptile, Mega Sky Sceptile, Shiny Mega Sky Sceptile Tweaks Storm Dragonite now has Lightning Rod instead of Rain Dish. Bug Fixes Clefable now has Cursed Body instead of Unaware, matching Clefairy The Dunsparces, Flame Slowbro and Flame Slowking now have the correct level-up moves. Defossilised Kabuto now has Scratch at level 5, and not an extra instance of Absorb. Now back to working towards v0.6! Let me know if there's any more bugs!
  13. Thanks! I'll update the Alt Dex with the correct information! There are no changes to its TM/MT/Egg moves. It gets Extrasensory on Level Up, though. It's almost as good as Psychic, and you can look forward to that lategame upgrade to peak its power!
  14. Alternate Form Pokédex (4 of 4) #650 - #721 (Generation VI) #722 - #809 (Generation VII)
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