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  1. You are even here!! ?

    SMH and Mattaku....

    You know what i gotta do right....?





    1. Crowley


      You are terrible.

  2. Crowley

    Marill Location

    You can either have Marill through mystery egg(Azurill)if you are lucky or if i am not mistaken you can catch Marill in Azure Shore.
  3. Crowley

    How to get glaceon?

    If i remember correctly,you have to level up your Eevee next to Icy Rock which is located in Celestine Mountain B2F. Edit: Bah! wrong game,sorry about that But for Rejuvenation i think this thread could help you
  4. Crowley

    Tailwind move tutor

    I don't know about the move tutor but bunch of pokemon can learn it via level-up, Pidgey line,Butterfree,Whimsicott,Pidove line,Pelipper,Rufflet line,Fletchling line and Noivern can learn the move via level up. Oricorio and Fletchling could also learn via breeding if i remember correctly. Ah also keep that in mind they usually learn it at late levels.
  5. First of all your team lacks the speed stat a bit excluding Espeon and Lycanroc (you didn't mention the form).And going to a bug gym with Espeon (I assume you are talking about the bug gym) is sort of a death sentence unfortunately. I can safely say if you really want to outspeed and sweep him this is not the team to do so(Although this strategy could backfire with any team). Maybe you can catch a Phanpy and let him keep Rapid Spin for getting rid of that Sticky Web,also,he is a hella tanky fella. You can also get a Magnemite from a help center and trap that Scizor with Magnet Pull.(Scizor can't really touch Magneton) You can also form your own Sticky Web maybe if you have a Leavanny and etc. And lastly Alolan Marowak is a wonderful mon but only in Trick Room teams,although he resists 4x to bug,speed stat makes him an easy target to the coverage. I am not sure if you could go back to other places from Kakori at this point in the game but if you can maybe you could try to versataile your team. Wide Guard and Helping Hand are incredibly useful in double battles too.So keep that in mind. Alternatively you can use Perish song but it's risky and A.I would likely swap out. I hope you will beat him!
  6. Crowley

    Stuck in Terajuma Jungle by growlithe

    @Kokoachan There you go Game.rxdata
  7. Crowley

    Its really hard to find a good Ditto -> Need help

    @Scorpion Enjoy !
  8. Crowley

    Its really hard to find a good Ditto -> Need help

    @Scorpion You are welcome. Your ID is Scorpion right ? Sending the request.
  9. Crowley

    Need a thunderstone please

    Enjoy !
  10. Crowley

    Need a thunderstone please

    Okay i am coming. What is your online id ?
  11. After all, a human romancing a Pokemon? How gauche! Unthinkable! These aren't dark ages anymore.. That aside..i kinda fancy Saphira as a romance option.Ought to be entertaining.Or deathly i don't know. Or both. If there will be any romance though, i think Victoria seems like the best option.
  12. Crowley

    You're a Banette for one day. What do you do?

    I'd Mega Evolve and prank'd people. ... get it ? I'll see myself out.
  13. Crowley

    Pokemon you wish did not evolve

    Whismur is my choice by far. From a cuddly,pink pillow it evolves into an abomination.Second stage is somewhow utterly shocking and i remember i've had hard time stomaching seeing that thing in my screen for the first time. I know Dragonair would be a popular choice and a well deserved one..from a majestic serpent to an obese Dragon.(And why orange !!?) Cubone is somewhat dissapointing too but since there is a huge darkness surrounding the Cubone line,i'll let that slide And Remoraid makes absolutely no sense by the logical standpoint.. A fish evolves into an Octopus ? Who thought it would be okay !? That's not an evolution,that's a miracle.. Also i kinda like Scizor but i've always found Scyther a lot cooler.(Probably because of the anime).But i won't include it since you can choose whether to evolve it or not.